Excitement Incoming


February traditionally has 28 days yet every four years, we get an extra one. 266 days this LEAP year. So, look at your life again. Are any adjustments needed?? What could you do TODAY that would make a dramatic difference for your now and future? Go ahead and think… CARZY! (yes, this is beyond the normal crazy).   Not saying you have to act this kind of crazy but at least think it. 🙂

There is an excitement energy in the air. As if whatever is getting ready to unfold has been a long time in the coming. Do something that gets you, excited. If you have no clue what this might be, this only proves the point even more so. Think, Pointer Sister’s excited.  Or Footloose – being that free. It can’t be contained. Or… like you just won a huge prize excited.  Go ahead and scream and jump up and down!  Shake something up.  Open yourself for, excitement!

Have you ever noticed that excitement is a body thing? NOT a mind/ego thing. Interesting.

Also, if an option presents itself to you, be sure to look at it with an open heart, not your logical mind or personality. Your past experience or current personality might tell you, no yet I remind that it came into your energy for a reason. If you open yourself up to the experience in it’s entirety, could it be more than you ever thought? Past experiences are not, now. Your current personality is also changing rapidly. Each moment is a new experience. It might be a great opportunity.  It’s hardly ever like you think.

The Universe pointing out/reminded me of a conference I attended almost 20 years ago where the entire day I had short visions that came and went. Back then, I certainly didn’t understand. Yet that information might apply for me now. I was reminded that many of us (at some point) have had visons yet since our timing and understanding was, off, they didn’t play out. Because they didn’t make sense to our mind, we not only dismissed them, but then buried them. Allow them to resurface and look at them again to see if they can assist in your current situation.

Many of us are running multiple realities and don’t even know it. Some might be having bleed through moments. It can happen when you are alone or busy in an activity yet you have this split second where you recognize something similar. Scenery, people, an event. Yet you sense that you are having a different experience in that other moment.

Another energy/theme/release I’m seeing is, twin flames. I thought it might just be me but as I mentioned it to a friend and then look externally, it seems to be in the air. It can be confusing for a moment if you’re in a committed relationship. So what does it mean?  Well… many different things. We are collapsing timelines and love never dies. Love will always find you. It might be a test, release or a reminder of your union verse seeking external.

I’ve had weeks of good sleep yet months ago sleep was not routine. I’m feeling that energy again. Maybe it’s just tying into the excitement energy. Insomnia is not something anyone wishes for so if you find yourself, restless, make peace with your body. It’s going through a lot of changes right now. Rest verses having the expectation that you should be sleeping and then find yourself, asleep.  Sweet dreams!

I’ll end on this. The street that I live on is a usually a quiet one yet the past few days, fast and loud seem to be the theme. Hmm. If you’re noticing, too… remember to come back to center.  This is now where we function from.

So… here we go!  JUMP for joy.  LEAP in joy because tomorrow we are marching into March.  This is the point in the ride where you can dig your claws into the rail or just let go, trust and enjoy!


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