Climb the ladder


I had a dream last night that I quickly felt I understood. Yet later one of the images came back to me. A ladder. Hmm. Is there an escalator or elevator available? Nope. At times we have to drop the baggage, do the work and trust. I also thought of the story of Jacob’s ladder from the bible. The lines of communication are open.  And if your into 5D, well, we are activating new dna. Continue reading



It was late at night and I sat outside and listened to the sounds of spring – crickets and frogs. Almost a full moon and a light breeze. I asked the Universe to show me something magical. Then on the quiet street, a person on a skateboard came wheeling by. Well… yes. Skateboarding at midnight by moonlight. Quite random and… magical. Everything is. I chuckled and then went in for the night. Continue reading

Dropping the Re and Be


I had a few words come to me and they all started with, re. As I thought on this more, I realized the potential list could be quite long. Each one of these words in caps has the potential to mean something in one’s spiritual journey. The prefix, re meaning: again, repetition or to go backwards. So I’ll just leave a list and you can see what it reveals/re-veils for you. This activity actually holds several meanings so see what you gather from it. The Universe often sends me activities to get my brain thinking differently  🙂 Continue reading

Fairy Godmother Aspect


A few weeks ago an intuitive friend said to me, your fairy godmother is circling around you. She wants you to know that she’s with you. I burst out in laughter. My first guide who came to me years ago was a Fairy Godmother. Yup! True. A cross between Wizard of Oz and Disney. I snapped out of meditation and was actually, frustrated. I was thinking all of this was such, crap, lol. I was awaiting to see a wise sage or Indian guide. Continue reading

Heart Scan


The other day the Universe reminded that I don’t normally scan for aura’s, I seem to go for the heart. Instead of seeing colors, I see an item. To be honest though, I more often see walls and deep tears. The first time this happened to me I wondered how the person could be alive, functioning and seemingly happy with such a mutilated emotional heart. I then seemed to be a psychic surgeon (with permission) as I sent energy and attempted to sew it back together. Just by bringing attention to and then discussing, healing started. Continue reading

Neutral and Happy


A few months ago, many of us got to what could be labeled as the clueless/uncertain/blank stage of the spiritual journey. We had so much to unlearn and remember. We had to become so neutral that anything could become possible. It’s also when you’ve been growing, changing and come up for air to then discover you’re still not, there. So it could also be labeled as the, ugh and/or oh crap, now what stage. Often you’ll feel as if you have to do… something. Really it’s more a matter of a choice. Go back to old ways or pause and then move forward. Continue reading



Alright Kiddo’s! Are we having fun yet? The latest seems to be the next wave of energy coming in March. Spring equinox, although I’m feeling all of March. So more upgrades are incoming/in happening – Up, uP and away/a way. So for many we have a few weeks to rest, discern, create, prepare – whatever you feel you need to do. Most importantly – LIVE!  I, personally, have to take these notifications of gates/portals/dates with a grain of salt. We are each different and literally every moment is a new possibility. Many of us shifted together as gates/sun activity/whatever name we attach to it, moved us along yet now, that doesn’t seem to matter as much. Any moment could be (and is), divine! Continue reading