Take care of your temple


Signs are closer than you think. Years ago I only paid attention to the obvious ones that usually happened out in public. At times I’d even go looking for them. Well, you don’t need to do that. Often they happen in your home environment and even closer, in your body. Another shift from looking externally to pulling in. One can get so focused on looking outward that they miss the most important sign right in front of them.

Over the years, my body has physically cleared several issues. I’ve lost my hair (since I was unrooted), had a knot in my lower back (clearing support issues), arm pit (feminine issues) and throat. I felt like I had a rock in there as I had to cough up the block. This was about the time that I started my blog and public writing. Years ago I kept hitting the back of my heel. Each time it would throb and cause me to slow down. Then finally, I got it. HEAL. I just needed to rest and honor my own personal healing process.  I’ve also had several heart openings yet they can present like warning signs of a heart-attack.

Each time a symptom arose, I’d check in with my inner guidance. I’d ask if I should go to the doctor – I do believe in them. Every time I heard a, no. One time I did go and I don’t regret that decision. While the issue would have cleared on its own, having the support helped. There is no wrong way to do this.

Make time to check in with your body. Scan from head to toe.  You can ask, why has this symptom presented itself? You may or may not understand. At times we just, clear. No story is told. Don’t own any ailment.  While it might clear within a day, it might take significantly longer.  Honor your process.  Trust your body.  Send love, healing light and gratitude to your amazing body.

Thanks for reading ♥

4 comments on “Take care of your temple

  1. Thanks for sharing. The physical symptoms are a great way to get clues for guidance. Sometimes I detest this since it hurts so much. But it is a way to get guidance. So I am trying to make peace with this.
    I got an obstruction in my throat which resulted in breathing trouble before I finally obeyed guidance and started to write about my journey (in a forum). Throat chakra blockage!
    This cleared after I was willing to write.

    And thanks for sharing about heel/heal. That is awesome. You always get these little riddles by spirit (like the other one about jeans/genes). Intriguing and funny.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Peace and Joy;

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    • Several of us have seemed to have/had throat issues. I had a learning disabilities and school wasn’t easy for me. I think we often revisit now and now it seems fun – puns. At times it Dr. Seuss like, too. It’s always good to read your comments. Thank you so much for taking the time to connect. Hugs, Peace and JOY!!

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