Web of support


Welcome March and here we go! I love my signs. I was sitting outside and my mind was running away. I was thinking of my blog and how many additional streams have been birthed from it. Honestly I had no idea over a year ago. Recently I’ve been playing (literally) with youtubes, self-publishing, setting up free conference calls to support others in their journey, etc. And then I realized I was in a web. A spider web. It took several minutes to get untangled and then this little friend made herself know. Seriously you are mighty small to have made this large of a web and so quickly. In what seemed like minutes as I sat. How symbolic, in many ways.

Many of us are in a birthing stage. We’ve allowed gestation. It’s had some uncomfortable moments yet also excitement. Birthing involves, pushing. Yet there does come a moment where that stops. Then you just have to, r-e-l-a-x. The next thing you know, the “baby” is here.

Share your gift with the world.  Please. That’s what we came here for. Co-creating.  Yes at times that’s by completing a large project yet just as important are the moments where you exchange a smile with another. Your presence can be a huge gift to another. Stay balanced, available and open.

If you feel your guides/angels have been quiet, they are giving you time to rest, play and you probably have some work to do. They can’t do it for you. That’s what you came here for. So stop waiting on them. Usually the next step is a thought you’ve entertained yet quickly dismissed. Just do it! Try. Then try again.  We can find an excuse or we can find the opportunity.  It’s there waiting on us.

I had a dream and in the dream, I kept waking up at 7:04. Hmm, 7/4… July 4th, day of independence? We are, freedom. A sovereign being.  As this dream ended, another started. I was making coffee and the coffee was overflowing the cup. I’ll take that – cup runneth over. Abundance. More than enough. Honestly, we already are. We have more than enough and it’s finding how do we, in our own way, use and share what we have.

My brain also seems to be changing. I’ve been feeling (pressure) energy in the frontal lobe. A new forefront. A new way of thinking.  Be open to this.

Finally, the ground here is shaking again today. It does this on occasion yet there is no appetent reason. It’s my sign for, change. “Portals” are opening and closing. Choose wisely.  Gheez, now doors are opening and closing, haha!  So shall it be.

Build or find your web of support.  Keep moving and opening, UP.

UPdate:  Later in the day, I pressed start on the coffee machine, walked away and then saw this… which has never happened,  yet just like my dream.  Wow!  My cup does indeed runneth over.


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