So after a few weeks of trying some new things, the cord got pulled last night. I collapsed onto the couch. It’s not that I was ill or exhausted but it was clear I was to, chill. Years ago I received messages about, being enough. Doing enough. I thought of my signs. Twice yesterday a vehicle backed into the neighborhood. This is not the norm. I knew it was time to pull back in.

And the last two days as I opened a shade, a large mosquito greeted me on the other side and then flew off. Honestly it’s a bit early for mosquitos here. At first I thought it was a reminder that some things are just a minor annoyance. Then I realized a mosquito will cause you to come inside.

I love the humble moments. They are a reset. So I sat outside and listened to the birds, wind chimes and… my heart. I sat until my mind was still and my body was completely relaxed.

My guidance has been a bit different these past few weeks. I’ve been having so many synchronicities so I know, all is well. I am grateful for these reminders. For years now I’ve had a knowing. For years it pushed me to get to a certain, place. One can know point A & B yet the amnesia that falls in the middle… lol.

There are so many moments in the journey that are like the infinity sign. Experiencing both sides of an emotion or an event. All to balance one out. To become well rounded.

A reminder I will pass along though… You don’t have to be all things to all people. You have something you are really good at. Hone and share that unique skill. For some reason, I was thinking on all the rules that are out there. Ways things should be done and how so many just follow. Remember that you are unique, sovereign and here to create.  The Divine is on your side.  Well, you are the Divine.

So as I started my day, everything happens for a reason. This picture I took years ago was, liked. Random I first thought. Then I chuckled. This is one of my favorite places. A gem of a usually quiet and remote state park on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Then one day I was surprised at this large addition. I thought of how many times I’d played and sat on this small beach with my son’s. Seated in nature and LOVE. That’s the seat of my soul. Talk about a mirror. It manifested into actual form; haha.


It’s been a while (sing it Staind) since I’ve been there yet I know that a very pure energy is there. Find your happy place and sit… stay… happy, knowing and love.  This is you and it’s, bliss.

Thank you for reading and being a part of my journey. I am honored. Truly blessed.  I love you. ♥

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