Spiritual Hissy Fits


While I’m usually patient and pretty laid back, I am not exempt. In my journey, I’ve thrown a few. (Who knew… a form of yoga.) I also know of others who have. I then watched as some were able to then almost immediately and amazingly manifest what they desired. Wow. For I though, I can’t say I’ve had such luck. My inner guru reminds me I’m on old soul and to stay the course.

Hissy Fits aren’t a bad thing. They can quickly bring you into alignment. Sadness, frustration and anger can. A wake up moment. Change is needed and you finally allow for it to happen. Enough was enough. These fits though are often caused by our insecurity or ignored stress. This is a journey of releasing fear, remembering and tackling each battle as we are ready.  Really it’s about embracing all that is with, love.

I’d read somewhere that yesterday was a 3/3/3 portal. I do love numerology. I’m often drawn to this info yet learned some time ago to take it all with a grain of salt. It’s not that anyone should be holding their breath for a gate/portal/wave/upgrade/next level of ascension. If it’s meant to be (and it is) it will happen regardless. Many have devoted their live to awakening and a spiritual journey. It becomes the focus and a 24 hour job/state of being. Even in sleep, those who chose the awakening path, work. They dream, visit other realities and dimensions, teach/heal, upgrade and process. Every moment becomes a sign/lesson/new moment of remembrance or of spiritual significance. Well, every moment is precious, important and sacred.

So I was “checking in” shortly before I went to bed. I then realized what the 3-3-3 stood for me. Eight hours of rest or sleep, eight hours of my passion/purpose/work and eight hours each day to love being human. We all need a life. It’s easy to become a spirit-holic. A 24/7 lightworker. Yes, this journey is about becoming your true self and the process can be all consuming and cocoon like for a period of time. Yes, this journey is about not having separation yet, it’s also about having balance. And yes, despite the 8/8/8 plan, Spirit will naturally be you and flow in and out of every moment of the day.

Often when one throws a temper tantrum, they are rejecting truth. For a young child, they’ll reject the fact that they are tired. For a spiritual seeker, it might be for many different reasons which they just can’t see or admit yet. This alone might be a thought to ponder on.

Spirituality can set you free and become a refuge. You also want to make sure that you don’t become a slave to what has set you free. Don’t become a victim to what helped you become a survivor. Welcome to your life… again. This is just another, awakening. Oh isn’t this journey, fun. Spiritual awakening might have been your primary focus and joy. You may no longer be interested in old tasks that you once enjoy. You might now feel clueless what new hobby/next adventure could be. That’s the joy in it. Spirit will yet again guide you. Spirituality shouldn’t be the focus, it should just… be … and happen.

Enjoy your day and yoga, which ever form you choose.  In love, light and service.  Blessing to you.

3/22/15 Update:  Bless the hissy fit.  In it you’ll find that you are reminding yourself of what you do know.  You are ready to call forth the next reality.  It is a release of lack/limiting/victim energy.  You will no longer settle for, less.  That means more Divine is waking up.  Bring on the awesome!

Picture found online and linked to: http://dadandburied.com/2012/04/12/they-cant-always-get-what-they-want/

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