It will happen


I awoke in an energy.  It felt so… good.  As the day went on, I kept pausing, feeling and thinking of it.  I do also feel so… blessed.  Really not that much has changed in my world yet, I have changed.  A few months ago I awoke from a dream.  It was like someone was screaming at me.  IT WILL HAPPEN!  I’d been working on a project and manifesting a wish and desire so I took this as confirmation and quickly went back to sleep.  And life went on. Today, I thought of that dream.  Hmm.  The, it, part.  Ghee… which it were they referring to?  I’m sure, all of it.  In it’s own divine way and time.

Many have/are writing on the accelerated and manifesting energy of March. The energy of creation.  I’m ready and I’m sure you are, too. At the same time, I’m disconnecting a bit, particularly from expectations. Knowing and being open to surprises works much better for me.  I’m also being… grateful.

The March equinox energy will show itself in many ways; I’m already seeing. I’m also feeling the duality – a collective group that has very little hope by the end of the day. Almost no hope that tomorrow will be better. Know that we are to remind other’s that… there is a reason we are here and now.  That… life can change. That life can be, good.  Really good.  I send love and light energy to all every night.

I thought of the gif (above) I saw months ago. I remember watching it. I’m usually pretty, quick yet I watched this one for what felt like several minutes. I was certain I was going to see the end/top. Feel like the journey we’ve been on??

I made a small a-ha.  I was thinking back over the past five years of my life.  A lot of change for me.  A lot!  Each time a bigger change was in the air, I seemed to feel and know that a change was coming yet, I didn’t know the details of what was coming.  Then at the exact moment that I did have enough strength, I knew to grab the option/opportunity that came around.  You may be feeling it, too.

I also realized how many types of spiritual practice I’ve become.  I’m part angelic, part shaman woman, part lightworker and while I feel I’ve been clearing my mermaid/Atlantis… that part is still with me.  Can I also say, I’m very human 🙂


The lightworker in me was told our organs are still assimilating the new energy.  5D is here and for many, a new reality you will walk into.  It will happen.  If you’ve been in a lull, you’ve been away working.  As you reunite, see what treasurers/gifts/souvenirs emerge.

I thank you for reading.  You’re a part of how blessed I am.  And blessing right back to you.  ❤

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  2. Whoa! My beaYOUtiful friend you did it again, this is SO BEYOND PERFECT 💓

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    Seems appropriate… IT WILL HAPPEN. Build it and they will come. While this post was written in the past with a certain slant, think/can be applied, broad. For the ❤ of the game baseball tonight. Let's play!


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