Life without a blind spot


Imagine that.  Hmm.

I started this blog around the 20/20 and year 2020 theme and vision. Vision. Well, I was born with a lazy eye/astigmatism and have worn glasses since I was five.

I didn’t even realize it until a few years ago but I have every step (unconsciously) memorized to help me compensate. In my home, it’s not that I’m OCD, it’s just… I seem to have many things placed a certain way in the event I didn’t have my glasses on. This must be some type of survival instinct. Technically I’m legally blind in that eye yet I’ve never let my vison limit me. Ahh… good pun. I have always had a goal I was striving towards either personally or professionally. Then it hit me several months ago how much I’d changed when someone asked me what my goal/plan was and I’d been living so in the moment, I must have looked like a deer in the headlights. Would this person understand my goal was to, breathe. More recently though, I feel I’ve experienced both sides and extremes and am now more balanced.

So I’ve been watching this season of the Blind spot which I became very intrigued with. So far this season seems a bit more violent which is normally why I don’t watch TV. Yet something seemed to click with me this evening. Jane Doe is desperate to find out who she really is. Ghee, aren’t most of us spiritual seekers?  She’s having to rely on others she doesn’t know/remember and learning who she can trust. Hmm, like learning who and then leaning on spirit guides? Jane has moments of vision. From there she has to fill in the blanks and honestly, it just creates more questions than answers. It comes in small bits and pieces. Okay, yes, this is sounding a lot like an awakening and spiritual journey. I wondered if she’d just decide to choose her current life verses pushing on to remember. For Jane it seemed to me that she was actually living at the mercy of the next breakthrough, clue or person who entered her life. It seemed like she was being… controlled for lack of a better word. What if she just made peace and allowed it to come naturally. Truth always breaks through. Or even better, just choose to live. Ghee… why do we cling to the past? To what we, were? Why does she need to know who she was to be a complete person now?  Ha – no wonder I’m intrigued by this show and amnesia in general.

On a separate note, I’ve been working on a project that seems to close a chapter for me. There seems to be energy to get it done. It’s one of those projects that has been worked on in stages over the years when the passion and energy has been there. It’s not what I thought several years ago but that doesn’t matter now.

I’ve feel mostly good, actually really good yet this evening my body is a bit achy (energy upgrades) and not much sleep last night. We’ll see about tonight. I’ve had a few moments where energy shifts in my body. It does get your attention yet you can almost continue on as normal. Almost.

As I went into town today, I saw how the energy is affecting everyone. Some happy, some distracted and some with dramatic stories/energy. I guess this is no different than any other day, yet I saw it different today. Holographic like.  Maybe this is more life without illusion.  The Universe doesn’t have a blind spot.  It see’s, all.

Know that we each hold a new level of remembrance right now. Some of it seems, out there. Bizarre. Like seriously, why do I need to know this?  Well… you do. Stay open.

Some of this remembrance is the exact opposite of what we’ve been or believed. Don’t shut this down. This is what you’ve been waiting for. At least hear it or try it out. Who knows, you might like it.

The point being… the blinders are coming off. For some pretty immediately and for others slowly as the rest of the year(s) unfold. Just remember you are the answer and you are love.

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