I’m not sure why but there has been a rumbling sound here for hours now.  This happens on occasion (yet not for hours straight) as with other booms and ground shaking that other’s don’t seem to notice.  Am I just that in touch with Mother Earth?? 

While it’s getting late, it’s warmer here so I plan to sit outside and see if I get some guidance on this energy.

I’ve been asking questions to the Universe (I used to be the question queen).  This past week though I often feel like I’m playing poker – blackjack. The cards (answers) I’m getting aren’t much help in this moment.  I do have a card dealer guide. He was with me for a month some time ago.  Oh the Universe and their sense of humor!  I’m at the table, he’s dealing yet I’m not getting them to add up right.  He’s say, no help and then waits to see if I want another try.  Can I just say, he’s quick at clearing the table?  When I get this message, I know to do the best I can.  Somehow I need to make my own magic or… 21.

I do know that energy is MOVING.

As I tried to sleep last night, I could feel my heart beat in my head, ears… like a native ritual drumming ceremony.  I then again dreamed that I was assisting in creating a second Sun for Earth, as a backup; just in case.  I picked this pic since it’s often the last impression I have before I fall asleep.  At times it feels like there is a lot of energy around me that I seem to notice more at bedtime.

And the number 144 seems to be coming up often.  Over the years I’ve received messages about this number.  Much has already been written on it, too.  For me it usually deals with the soul aspects and group. So today as I purchased a chicken tender for lunch, I chuckled to see out of all possible numbers…


And a certain color has been highlighted for me here lately. Maybe you’ve had this happen, too. I do believe these random clues will be helpful to us later in our own personal journey. Small clues that have been slipping through the cracks.

With this latest energy, I’m also reminded of the ying-yang. In particular, balancing the masculine and feminine energy. Years ago I’d become so left brain/masculine in my life, when my awakening started, a huge portion of it was getting in touch with the feminine – messages from Goddesses and so many emotional releases that had been stuffed down. Just check yourself to make sure you aren’t slipping. A hour in nature can be a great reset.

Know that right now our “future/higher” self is finishing up important work. We can’t rush this. It will be done when it’s done. We will benefit from this very soon though. And in turn, whatever you’ve been working on the past six weeks or so, your “younger/past” self is getting ready to benefit from. So if you happen to be in limbo or dragging your feet a bit about a project, decision, etc. … well, do your much larger self a favor and do what you can, take a bit of a risk/step up and then let go. It’s time for all of you and us to, shift.

4 comments on “SHIFT

  1. I’d finally gone to bed by the time this came through. Look at the time… 111 – the angel number. The energy ebbs and flows and just when you think you missed something it sneaks back around to let you know you didn’t miss anything. This is a gradual and never ending shift/change/journey. No worries. You are doing great!! I love you!


  2. I live in an area with a higher cost of living. It is always fascinating seeing the price difference when I go to another city. The amount I have to spend for lunch is far greater.

    Anyway, I am worried I might miss this shift. The energies were getting intense for me… was it last week, and I was worried I’d have to increase medication. After I wrote about my worries the energies backed off. I’ve been feeling pretty normal since then. (Sometimes it is good to voice things.)

    I am worried that the back off will prevent me going through the same stages, and I will have to wait longer for the same results. It is just, I do get worried about things other lightworkers are fine with. Matt Kahn made it fine through when he had sleep troubles. Yet, when I have sleep troubles my mind starts wondering if my medication is working.

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  3. We were just talking about this shift. For us, It’s been incredibly tumultuous and intense! It’s always nice to hear from an outside source what we have been telling ourselves. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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