A waspy lesson


It’s beautiful here today. Sunny, warm and I’m on the deck… with a swarm of wasps. Last summer I made peace with them. They had their section and I had mine. Rarely did we cross paths. I didn’t kill one of them. Now though…

There are more and they are bigger and more curious and assertive. I love love love nature yet… I’m human. So I sprayed one. Then I sprayed a group of four. Then a group of six came. Oh my. Wasps as my teacher in this moment; it’s all about energy.  I know to just put the can away now.

Why am I focused on such a small thing when there is so much beauty and gander in this beautiful day? The birds and wind chimes are singing. The trees are swaying. The sun is out and not a cloud in the sky.

Resistance seems to be futile in this moment. Let them be! I’m just preventing them from being who they are. It’s their nature. I preventing them from building a nest… all because of fear. Fear that they might hurt me yet that didn’t happen one time last year. Now, if I wasn’t in their space to start with… they’d be doing this anyway and I’d be clueless about it. So in taking these simple realizations, I then overlap it on my own life at this moment. Is there some similarity… something I need to be reminded of?  Ah, yes. Now I can see. Just when you think the Universe hasn’t answered a question, know that they have.

And so I return to a state of my nature, too.  And while we might have a stinger, rarely do we need to use it.  LOVE ON and enjoy your day!

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