March Madness or Miracles


Well, you know what I’m choosing.

How is everyone doing?  I’ve been up since pre-dawn which is not like me.  I sat and watched the rising sun from the deck.  No wasps 🙂  No electronics.  Coffee, yes.  This was a great way to set the tone for the day.  In peace and gratitude for over an hour. 

I’m even having to remind myself to breathe and go s-l-o-w.  The energy will send you into overdrive if you let it. Yesterday I had a lot of higher heart energy.  It almost makes it difficult to breath.  My teeth – yikes.  Why do I feel each and every one?  LOL.  Lisa Brown mentions this.  If those of us are feeling this yet know what we do, can you imagine if you had no clue (yet) as to what’s going on.

I thought of the Aerosmith song as I went to bed last night.  I don’t want to go to sleep… it’s more like, I can’t go to sleep.  I laid in bed and let go.  I opened each chakra, one by one, and just let go of everything.  When you do this, you’ll find where you might be stuck.  I asked to circulate energy for my roots, relationships, career/passion/purpose, heart, voice, wisdom and higher self.  I took two tries to get my body a bit more balanced.  I then realized when one doesn’t do this, bam… the energy/lesson manifests.  As I awoke the Universe reminded me of a favorite song.  I hold on by Dierks Bentley .  Wow, yes… I have.  Let go!  Let it go!    Music on my mind 🙂

I received a short message that I was an artist in another life.  This I would believe.  I’ve tried this life with not much success yet it’s a great hobby now and way to get the creative juices flowing.  Honestly we all have been.  We’ve been everything.  At some point, we’ve drawn/painted our life to our exact liking.  Ah… visualize that.  We are crafting our life in each moment.

I was told of an acceleration in May.  Manifesting (into form) May??  Gheez, can we just get through March, lol.  I got the sense that things will be coming into all of our lives but the more we let go verses trying to push or do it ourselves/our way/our minds way.  This is about co-creating.  The Universe wants to help us.  We’ve done the work, just continue to show up and open up.

What I am noticing is… timing.  The past few days everything has been failing into place into an exact moment, as if cued by the director/Universe.  At times, I just stand in amazement and laugh.  I’ll so take this though.  My timing used to be way off.  Actually I think this is a theme for many lightworkers.  A lifetime of milestones that were out of synch with the norm.

I’m feeling the need to soon loop back a bit.  To post some simple/different articles to maybe grab the eye of the next wave – those awakening just now.  I can now see and appreciate who they are.  That was me!

Wishing you a blessed day.  In gratitude, love, light and service.





5 comments on “March Madness or Miracles

  1. thanks for sharing that positive energy with all of us. I comfortably agree and resonate with the laughter almost, when you see things just pop right into place, so quickly and unexpectedly and effortlessly- it’s just amazing sometimes. I’m glad , no- I’m HAPPY that you had such a GREAT start to your day. thrilling and peaceful and just YOU and GREATNESS sharing a quiet moment- that’s the best- isn’t it?? enjoy and savor that all day… momentummikey 🙂 🙂

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  2. I must have felt that energy last night because I could not sleep. I was feeling good for once, my third-eye was pulling with energy and I finally felt like myself after weeks of this crap cold dragging me down.

    I also have heard about May being significant. The end of March will be much gentler than it has been just now, too.

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