Stay present


I awoke this morning in peace.  I was still… in another world.  I felt like more than half of me was still, there… wherever that might be.  It’s like an aura bubble and feels a bit dreamy and floatie yet in the real world; just like a soap bubble that would float through a kitchen.  You are light, a bit more remembering your essence verses this more dense reality.

Yet… often the outside world tries to pop this bubble within minutes, if not seconds.  So usually the first, second, and at times third attempt I’m able to just smile at.  I’m not ready to be so grounded.  I try to remind others by my breath and presence.  This morning though, because of the intensity and persistence, I then felt my inner Wonder Women stirring.  Did I need to use my wristbands to deflect these “bullets” being fired at me?

The intensity of the incoming energy is affecting everyone differently.  Remember who you are.  Remind another of who they are.  This is just a test.

I think many of us have a future worry on our mind.  It might be 30 days away or three months.  It would be easy to go there and make a plan right now.  I was reminder to stay present.  In making a forced plan you might be cutting yourself off from what could be – the present the Universe wishes to give you.  Now, this doesn’t apply to all situation yet, most; like if you are making a plan out of fear verses fun or desire to.  A lot can happen over the next few weeks.  A lot!

I’ve also had two quick and intense releases over the past 24 hours.  This journey is forever healing.  Two separate issues arose in my mind out of no where.  As if I was going to throw up, they just came up so quickly.  So I acknowledged, shed the tears and let go.  They were not like releases I’ve had in the past, where they stayed with me for hours as I could feel the tender spot they arose from and my body heal.  This must be a spin cycle vortex type of release.  It was if there were two separate links out there, they then came together (a sparky a-ha), and it was best to let them… float away.  I certainly don’t need to grab on and I don’t wish to drag around a chain.  This journey is about, freedom.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.  In love, light and peace.

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3 comments on “Stay present

  1. That place is what I call La-La Land or Blissville. I wish I could join you there right now but this headache and ick just won’t let me. Maybe soon, though. 🙂

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