You are the Universe


I feel like I could write and write but I’ll make this short.  This is an important time between the new and full moon. 

For some, it might seem like a quiet time but, it’s not.  Others are feeling symptoms/upgrades/clearing/ energy/bliss.  While we are being prepared, also know we’re being assessed.  We each have a gift and are a gift.  We fit into a large and very complicated plan.  The good news is we don’t need to worry about those details.  Options and even better, opportunities are coming.  We’ll be placed where we can affect others and have the relationships and experiences we need for our further expansion.

I was told to, stand down (military like so yes it caught my attention) a few days ago.  It was clear, go slow.  Now it not the time for me to start a new project or make any big decisions.  Stay present and honor each moment.  I recommend spending time in nature to remember your nature.

Last night a button was pushed and immediately dropped everything and went to bed for the night.  Not like me.  I have many possible bed time rituals and attempted to start one of them.  I was checking in with my chakra’s and I got no further.  I was shown an image and then I immediately feel into a deep sleep.  I saw all of my chakra’s arise out of my body.  It was an explosion of color.  My heart energy/chakra was then sun and all the others then formed a universe and spun around it.  Wow!


Now is the time to drop the baggage, unimportant and just be.  With no expectation, turn inward.  Be more open than you have been.  Open mind, heart, body.  Lay, sit, stand, walk or dance around thinking, o-p-e-n  verse closed.  We’ve forgotten who we are.  Any thoughts we have… well, the universe wishes to remind us of our greatness.

I’ll wrote more soon.  I love you!


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