Healing the Mother Wound


I’ve spent years discovering – which this alone was a first big step verses denying, ignoring or suppressing – then learning from and healing the mother wound. I’d have no idea. I’m not sure many are exempt. There are just so many ways it can happen. Many have written on the topic so I’m not going to elaborate much. You can seek and find what you need since this topic can mean different things. My writing is just a small piece; a spark. Usually it’s addressed to women only yet it can and does apply to men as well.

For some, the wound is just a scratch yet for others, it can be a very deep wound that does need attention. Unconsciously, it can run your life; in many of the decisions that you make. And while I use the word, mother it can be:

  • A mother, grandmother or mother like figure
  • A sister
  • A girlfriend
  • A female boss
  • And, the desire to be a mother

Then it’s often compounded by males that we encounter and choose to journey with. They don’t know what it is. Gheez – we don’t even know what it is. It is all for our healing though.

I once heard a Spirit whisper, “You’re afraid to be a woman.” That got my attention. I adamantly denied it. I’d been a woman for some time and felt comfortable in my skin. Or so I thought. I’d had a variety of experiences, yet many I didn’t understand. When you open up this box, well, I then understood why some would just rather leave it closed. Many of us though have chosen a healing journey. The walls are only boxing us in; limiting us, not protecting us. Let then fall. This is about being free not fearful.

Many of us light workers are (or wish to be) healers.  We must first heal our self.  To go from being a victim, to a survivor to then… really, it didn’t even matter. Healing is a feminine trait and then we can balance it with the masculine way of teaching.  We must be in touch with our flow and the flow of life.  You can’t be the divine feminine (in its entirety) if you are carrying around… pain.  While she knows of it, it isn’t her – that’s not her nature.

At times in my life, I’ve absorbed another’s anger (being an empath). Often I thought it was directed at me and internalized it. Later I’d learn it had NOTHING to do with me. This is about realizing and releasing. And clearing up karma that is often generational. You are strong enough to do this work. And just when you think you’re done… Know that we’ll be healing as needed for the rest of our life. Releasing confusion, pain, anger and depression to replace it with bliss and love. To learn to sing and dance with life again or… like you never have before.  To expand and then expand some more.  And in that, there lays your hearts deepest desires.

We are Divine.

We are beauty, wise, deep, open, radiant, grace and… we are love.

Balancing the Divine feminine and masculine, like a ying-yang.  It is a process. This journey is about becoming whole.  To live like you were dying… because we are.  So…     how alive are you?



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4 comments on “Healing the Mother Wound

  1. You just reminded me of part of my dream this morning. I opened my textbook to page 40 as instructed. The page was a new chapter and it said, “Woman”. 🙂 Just so happens I will be 40 this year. Perhaps the message is that it is time for me to heal my mother wound?

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