I seem to be in a Forrest Gump mood. Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what your going to get. Yesterday seemed to have with a few reminders and I thought I’d pass them along. Maybe one of them will fit your situation:

Don’t sweet the small stuff and can I say, it’s all small stuff.  Breathe and then proceed.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Now is not the time to get tunnel vision.

♥ Think of your activities. Where you pour your energy. Ask yourself, why?  Know that it only benefits others if it benefits you.  Be open to changing ways.  Things use used to love doing might not be what you continue to do.

More random thoughts (candies):

I think I need to write a comedy skit on, When Spirit says – soon.  Remember, all there is, is now.

And… are you trying to manifest or are you hoping for a miracle? They are very different vibrations. Manifesting is about intention and at times knowing and then receiving the form but also validation. It can also be about control (hint hint, let go). Miracles can be a wide range of emotions from desperately needing to sheer joy and surprise. Check in with your soul to see which role (vibration) you are or might want to try acting out. Often just being in flow with life is the right answer. Because really everything is a miracle.

I was also thinking on when I went to the city the other day. Going to town is one thing, going to the city is another. I’ve chosen to live in a rural location since it fit my personal journeying. I like the space and slower and quieter nature. As time goes on, I find I need less and less from the city. I quickly realized the other day I was holding 5D energy in the city. Nothing seemed to bother me. Roaring jets that crossed the highway, traffic, attitudes, etc. It all seemed to be muted yet I can remember when it was an intense reality. I was to bring my energy in and sprinkle it everywhere I went. We are magical like that.

I’ll leave you with these quotes from Forrest.  Wishing you a sweet day and thank you for reading!



6 comments on “Reminders

  1. Just noting what Timeline you are from… last time I heard about Forrest Gump it was about the Mandala Effect on AngelicView. I know I’ve seen Dayna post comments on the site (I got a comment to something I posted years ago, and Dayna was had commented even before I had on that post.)

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