Lucky Lucky Lucky


St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow and I love this day for many reasons. I’ve been blessed on this day before. 🙂

We are in a time of cleaning up, finishing up and letting go. If you’re feeling sluggish, it might be the reluctance to letting go and stepping up. Your body is holding on. It can feel, flu ish. We aint got time for that!  Listen to and honor your body.  Let it speak to you and get out of your system.

I had so many timelines drop in a day, I was even surprised. A very small event happen and I responded. I then watched as if a rolodex energetically was flipping to show me how many versions of the old me where falling away as I decided to make a simple choice.

This also made me realize that at times in our life, we think the worse case scenario.  The old us was able to jump to some pretty dramatic thoughts and then click into crisis worker/responder mood.  Chill.  We are on the other side now.  Thinking of the best case scenario.  Yet, why did we used to be like that?  Because somewhere it did happen and the veils were thins and we remembered or could feel how close it was.  Many of us have been re-wiring our brains and clearing all these old memories and beliefs.

It’s also a time to daydream. I feel like the Universe and I have gone round and round over the years about purpose, dreams and fantasies and how all of it fits into one’s divine plan. There seems to be a time and place as each ebbs and flows. It’s also a process because most of us have thoughts and dreams yet they aren’t THE dream we came here to live. It’s a process to discover. Many of us now know the direction we are headed in and some of the details but trust me, it’s still being tweaked and our thoughts now affect what is coming. Think high, broad, awesome, happy!

We’re also still being molded (and can feel like a pinch, ouch, wear green) to assist us in our journey – for those we are about to meet and work with and the energy and places we’ll be visiting. Anything that comes up now needs to be looked at and cleared. It can happen quickly. Don’t stay stuck. We are moving on to, awesome.

Finally, take any pressure you are placing on yourself, off. We are light workers, remember?  No expectation, no overthinking, no guilt. FLOAT!  The Universe wants the best for us. They want to see us at our best. The worst is behind us. It doesn’t affect us. We are wise and capably. We are no longer looking for the pot of gold, we are the pot of gold.  Time to glow!


Wishing you a lucky, lucky, lucky day!  Blessings to you.

Pictures found online.

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