In the past week, twice now there’s been a Van Gogh Starry Night as I’ve sat outside in the evening.  I went to look up this famous painting and discovered that Van Gogh did believe in an afterlife on stars and planets.  Right before I stepped outside, I heard a whisper to, just listen.  No thoughts or questions.  It wouldn’t take long for me to realize that my communication with Spirit is very much a discussion.

So I wrote what I heard.  I just listened.  I then realized I was talking with a very high energy.  5D is here.  For me, it’s all about love and a very colorful dimension.  I know when I’m walking in it.  Each color is, more rich.  Know that other energy is also here and it’s beyond 5D.  I’m not saying that one is better than the other… they each seem helpful to me.

So I wrote several pages.  I often repeat the meat and potatoes of the message.  In my journey, I’ve gotten frustrated when I read another’s channeled message that seem like, fluff.  For whatever reason I wasn’t able to receive the vibration.  Probably since I was looking for, answers.  Often when one receives a message, the words almost don’t matter.  The energy and feelings do.  It is (or becomes) as art to relay the words, energy and feeling to another.  Really most of us are just practicing.

The message I received discussed magic, our magic… and to use it wisely.  That for many, more remembrance on our gifts is coming.  If one has been a bit psychic, well open yourself up to more.  If you’ve been channeling for a while well, open yourself up to an added skill.  We have gifts we don’t even realize yet.  To rest and remember.

There also seemed to be a question.  Are you done with your personal, earth bound goals?  This is when what we have forgotten, starts.  A whole new journey.

I’ll also share this.  To my surprise, my grandmother who’s been by my side since the day she passed came to me weeks ago and said she was moving on.  I didn’t even know this was possible.  Well, yes I do (in relaying other soul messages) yet this was my grandmother and it caught me off guard.  I honestly cried.  I’ve always been able to connect with her.  I could see and feel her presence since I was ten; long before I even knew what a spirit guide was.  She came back last night in a different form.  She ascended to now assist me, again.  Now that is love.  It never ends and always finds you.

Get still.  Get out of your mind and in your heart.  Relax and blend with all that is.  Come undone.  Just listen and… be amazed.  Blessings to you.


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