For months now, a story has been coming together for me. It started by receiving a message that my logical mind would have said, ya right – you so crazy!  Yet, I wrote it down. I wasn’t sure if I believed in it or not. At times Spirit is like this. I was told, “You don’t have to believe.” So I occasionally wonder if not believing yet still being open to receiving is the way to be since really you’re not invested… yet. Often we want or need an answer and that very vibration then holds the answer away. That’s why meditation (and there are many forms) works. Getting out of your vibration and looking at the situation differently. Some experiences and lessons – the amnesia is set at 100%.

I often note messages and take what serves me. So like bread crumbs… a little bit here and there of this crazy story. Yesterday I awoke and got into my routine. Ha. My computer crashed. Hint, hint?  No, I can be hard headed. I tried again… and again.


It seemed like anything I went to do, turned out not as I intended. I was getting frustrated and then whinny – so not like me.  I was now singing, Momma said there be days like this.  I’d started my day in meditation yet didn’t receive any guidance. Well… a small beetle landed in my lap. I did smile seeing the symbolism. The Beetles – All you need is love.

So then my body felt stiff and a headache was coming on. What the heck is going on?  I actually didn’t want to meditate again yet I did. You see I’ve gotten to the point that I’m open to Spirit all the time yet there are many different ways to honor. It took what felt like forever to relax. Gheez, why was I so tense?  What was my body holding on to?  I had a few things come up. Not so positive thoughts. I asked why. I was told they were in my subconscious and silently driving. So I said them out loud and watched them float away.


I was then asked, what is today about? I had an answer. I listed three things. The Universe didn’t seem impressed, responding back, today isn’t about… love?  Oh ya… and that, too. Spirit is so simple and easy!  Why do we make it so complicated?  I then noted:

“Love who you are. Love what you do. Love where you are at. You are not waiting for more love to come your way. You live the amount of love you can handle.”  This message is for all of us.

Oh. Hmm. Well… I think I can handle, more. “Exactly. Love is not in your heart. It’s in every cell of your body. It’s in everything that you do.” Particularly with that last sentence, I could relate.  Love and light is what constant and get’s us through the ups and downs in life.

I also thought of the recent addition to facebook – the emotions. Many of us have gotten used to, liking. Now I find I, love ♥.

I proceeded on with my day and then I felt like a loaf of information was dropped. Like an exchange program, I had to let go of a few things to receive. I was in that blissful energy and believing every word. I was remembering. I seemed to understand my role over the next few weeks/months (the next step) yet I wouldn’t have guessed it even a few days ago. The interesting thing is an intuitive friend gave me a clue about two months ago and I was like, what??  I didn’t see where that piece fit. Many of us have been journeying along together in a group. For some, it’s going to get very specific on our role. There might not be a reference point. This is what we’ve been waiting for. For our unique niche to surface. Can it be a bit scary? Yes, when we’ve found comfort in the group. Yet it’s also a privilege to get to this point. Stepping into your role is a choice and a walk of faith. It’s always a bit of a stretch yet you’ll quickly catch up.

So do I know the logistics? Nope. That’s up to Spirit. I’ll either be guided at the right time or even better, surprised.  I have been given guidance on my prep/internal work and have to do my part. I also have to trust. This is about energy and the energy that I hold. We have to stay in motion with the Universe verses stuck. The Universe honors when we choose to; a time to rest and discern.  Only love works right. If you are feeling stuck, love is the answer.  Make time for more love, not less.


I’m also attaching an article I found online for further reading.

4/15 Addendum:  And this post also ties into it:


3 comments on “Only LOVE

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  2. You are being guided by spirit, but I am still guided in the pursuit of something (iPad Pro with Apple Pencil)… now that I am saving money seems the Universe wants to help. I was called for a 20-30 long-term study where I am given $150 to talk on the phone for half an hour. Last month I received an unexpected check in the mail. Along with my Tax refund I am much closer to an iPad Pro then before. I wonder what next month brings?

    Matt Kahn is all about letting go of such pursuits, and letting the Universe bring the abundance once someone is no longer focused on it… I still want an iPad Pro. I guess I will Love the one who cannot seem to always be desiring something.

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