Remember who you really are


Okay kiddoes… how’s everyone doing??  It went from warm, sunny and beautiful to cold and wet.  I think the next few days will be interesting energy wise.  I got the feeling the energy might knock your flip flops or socks off.  For many of us who feel these waves, we usually continue on with them.  These next few waves though might send us to bed. 

We have to relax and let go.  We want to integrate as much as possible and as easily/quickly as we can.  Time doesn’t mater but it will take longer/be more difficult if you choose.  Now is the time to remember, we are not our body.  We are Spirit.  Just relax and then even more.  Stay in the energy and not in your mind.  Let your mind heal and receive.  Open.  Willing.  Float.  With ease and grace verses kicking and screaming, lol.  We’ve been a bit resistant to, strange yet by now we should know it is often bizarre yet… amazing.

Keep things simple and go slow.  Even in this integration, we are choosing our future.  These waves have very little to do with Q&A, messages from a Guide or anything our logical mind will understand.  What would happen if you just let go?

And for those who don’t feel the energetic waves, no worries.  Seriously!  You will in your own time.  Take time to meditate or be open to a new energetic blessing/surprise.  Send positive energy to all.  All is well.

7 comments on “Remember who you really are

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  2. My system seems hyper sensitive to foods lately. I don’t understand, as I am normally blessed to eat all non-meat without trouble. I was a three year vegetarian no matter how much I try to eat meat, it randomly throws off my system. I haven’t eaten meat lately so I can’t blame this on that. Not exhausted this time. If my digestive system wasn’t randomly acting up I’d say no sickness. I woke up with the sun Friday so went to bed early yesterday. I battle between loving both morning and night. Randomly my body says I will fix your schedule. Then I have tea late at night and stay up till 3-4 am and ruin it again. (Love Tea and it also randomly had a strong caffeine effect, mostly it is fine.)

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    • Haha, I love coffee. I once heard another teacher say that when one is dropping a timeline, diet will change. Your body needs something different and then changes again. For me, digestive issue are career related issues and at times that uneasiness.

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      • I used to love coffee, but I switched to the gentler caffeine in tea. Both are good for you when not mixed with too much sugar. Coffee randomly upsets me, but tea only randomly keeps me up. Tea tends to be cheaper. Easier to make at home without a machine. Makes me feel connected with the world 2/3 are tea drinkers. Both taste pretty good. (Especially with too much sugar and milk.)

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  3. Though I think that I am usually not sensitive to these waves, I do feel rather tired and exhausted these days, and flu-ish as you put it recently. I guess I will just sleep a lot whenever possible.
    Blessings and best wishes for your journey,

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