I’m working on a project today. Honestly it only serves me yet, everyone. Everyone who I’ll come into contact with from this day forward. It’s rare but on occasion the Universe will encourage you to take a step back. In a spiritual quest where so much is written on evolving and ascending… this seems contra productive. Particularly when a momentum is felt or a new wave of energy is coming in, etc. We all just want to get to the next level. Yet we must honor our journey.

I’d been seeing signs for almost two weeks and wasn’t necessarily looking forward to backing up. I felt I’d already done a thorough job of reviewing my life and yes, this was an important step for me. I’d rather focus on the now. Well, right now I’m reading my first private manuscript. It’s been over two years since I looked at it and honestly a lot has happened in the past two years. I’ve changed – big time. So it’s been interesting to read my own words and perspective from that time. I now have new thoughts, can see patterns I hadn’t seen before and a-ha moments where all I could do was just wait with myself and breathe as I realized and released. The good news is, these are just stories and I am proud to be the woman I am.  I am though, teaching myself.

Now I realize that I’ve been walking in multiple realities for some time now; actually most of my life.

I could also see how much energy I poured into others, projects and so missing the point. We attract what’s inside us. While living and loving, I’ve also carried layers of confusion and longing so, many lessons I’ve had this life. So much karma clearing and healing. I’ve also now taken a moment to send a thank you energy to all of my teachers.

I can also see how guilt is a wonderful teacher. Guilt is the lie yet you must discover what the truth is. I also realized I’ve always had options yet many I didn’t feel were right and that, I’ve also always been provided for. Blessed and protected. I wish to say that my life has been good; times of focus, clarity, laughter and love.

There have been many difficult moments in my life yet, really they were reminding and teaching me of my spiritual skills. At the time though, I’m not sure I realized this. For example, my brother is a brain cancer survivor. He had to learn how to walk, talk and write again at the age of 27. I was by his side for most of the experience. It would take minutes for his mind to remember a word and then several more minutes to be able to say it. Talk about a lesson on patience – how we take speech for granted. Eyes are the window to the soul. I guess this is where I learned to read another. I could peer into his soul and know. We didn’t use language.

While I have a bit more to read, I seem to understand myself even more. Know thyself. That is what this part of the journey is about for me. In the a-ha’s, I’ve been able to yet again release more stories/energy that no longer serves me. We really are becoming light beings.  We are transcending.  I feel like I’ve had multiple lives in this one life. I can also see the bigger picture as it relates to others experiences.

I guess I had so many questions when I wrote this manuscript, I could only get to a certain level of understanding.  Now, I actually didn’t have any questions at all.  It was easy to be a witness to my own life.  Being a Guardian (Angel) to one’s own self/soul.  Ahhh.   New truth needed to emerge and truth will set you free.  I also think this is about closing a chapter, of the human journey where I needed to feel and work through lessons that I choose.  Now it’s on to a new set of lighter experiences.

Often we look ahead for answers. Yet what if the answer has already been given to you… again and again. In taking a step back to see the larger picture… what do you see?

What does the picture look like?  Is it simple, complicated, dark or vibrant?  And what if the wrong turns were the right turn?  What if the answer is always the same yet because the situation/lesson/we change, we can’t see it.  What if it’s so simple and right there in front of us yet we can’t see it?   Hmm.


Now is a great time to stay in your energy. To build your temple, to honor your template.  To know that you hold the answers you seek.  To transcend and then move forward as a blessing to all that you encounter.

Thank you for reading and remember who you really are 🙂

2 comments on “Review

  1. I am glad you wrote a manuscript to look back on. That is what my Blog is too me. A lot of those old posts are in drafts now. Yet, I learned to not delete a post. You never know when you can re-read and remember it in the future. Words capture a moment in an ever changing person. Even the mintue after writing your manuscript you had already changed/healed in the writing of it.

    Writing can be a healing process. It pulls out the thoughts, and makes you think more slowly to write them down. Just like breathing more slowly is healing, thinking more slowly or listening more slowly is healing.

    That I think is why Matt Kahn talks so slow. He jokes about it, but I am sure you heard the change low to slow teaching. I keep on getting mixed up which ones are on youtube, and which ones were in the Angel Academy. I think that was youtube. And the universe said to him, “Now you will talk like you work in a spa.” Funny.

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