Good morning Loves, Angels, Light workers and Spiritual Beings!  I’m writing from the deck this morning. While it’s just 53 degrees, the sun is quite warm. I’m soaking it in. I’m thumbing back in my notebook and in sharing mode.

First, last night the energy was intense for me. It was also lovely. High! While this has been coming and going for years now, more so here recently. While I’ve always enjoyed it, at the same time last night I wondered if the rest of my life would be like this. I didn’t get an answer from Spirit. I think, yes and no. I do believe many of us are in a stage and it’s needed. We are building our light body. We also have to make peace with the unpredictable – our mind seems to crave understanding. Calm your mind.

I did receive a bit of guidance as to why some feel these energy waves more so than others. I remember years where I was an empath. An empath on this plane of reality only. I could pick up on another’s emotions. I seemed to be able to express what they might not even be able to just yet. Then it seem to expand to picking up on an area’s emotions and believes. To then picking up on the energy of Spirit (channeling) to then again expand to the subtle yet intense energy of the multidimensional. To see and feel what many can’t… yet.

For several days now I’ve been shocking everyone – static electricity. I think the point is, shock yourself. What one thing can you do today that would make a difference in your life? It doesn’t have to be big, but then again. 🙂  My face also seems to be break out; clearing. Can I just say I’m too old for this, lol. And several times now as I fall asleep, I see a light show going on in my body. It only lasts a minute. Energy is moving!

I have a simple exercise to pass along. As you stand in front of the mirror, talk to your body. See what surfaces. Are you able to talk to yourself in a kind and encouraging way or critical? Whatever thought is there, express it. See where you might be a bit stuck. Release it. We must love the vessel that is here to do the work.

Know that nothing is happening to you, it’s happening for you. A few days ago in meditation I picked up on a message for the collective:  No one hates you. No one. Remember love. I also felt an overwhelming flood of love. All I could write was, love quiver.

Unconditional love is important now. This type of love redefines what we know of love from our, this life experience. It is also key in moving us along. When you love yourself enough, you will move along in your journey. We are not here to suffer. This is about moving forward, with no proof yet knowing that we are favored. This is about magic. We are no longer waiting for the conditions to be right. They are. Allow the Divine to guide you to the people, places and situations. Letting go of want and knowing what we need will be provided for.

I’ve also seen signs for, what you seek is seeking you. This is a nice reminder. Asked to be aligned to your highest potential. Well… we already are so this might be a wakeup call for some.

I also had a short visit from a departed soul. I knew him yet misunderstand how much he cared for me on this earth plane. Now on the other side, he wanted to make sure I knew this. I smiled. We have so many on the other side who are trying to help us and if nothing else are rooting for us. Know that we each have our own personal cheerleading squad.

Also, in our stepping up, if we’ve been patching anything… that isn’t going to work here. This is a time of new. Nothing from the past dictates the now or present. It can though serve as a reference.  Just look around if you need a reminder.  Tree’s are budding with new growth and grass and wildflowers are springing up.

This is also about balance. If you’re still needing to teach or heal, you will but you’ll also get burned out. Know that we do enough. We must care for ourselves and remain connected to our source.

Movie recommendation: Castaway. I watched it on TV the other day. Tom Hanks had a volleyball (Willis) and a whale as his spirit guides. Away on an island for four years and then returned to his life. Trying to acclimate. Yup… that’s what this journey feels like.

Haha… and I didn’t think I had much to write. Have an awesome day. Feel the magic. It’s surrounding you at this time.  Even better, be the magic.  Stand in your power.

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