Tandem writing – Who am I?


Often when I write, I’m in an energy. Just now though am I realizing there are many different ones. The serious, the playful, the blissful, etc. In the past few weeks, on occasion I feel as if I’m writing in synch with a brother/sister energy. It’s a really cool feeling so I thought I’d mention this. (Now if it would just assist me in my spelling, lol – tandom vs tandem.)  So let’s see how this writing comes together. Thank you for reading.

In my journey, I’ve often stopped and asked… who am I?  I’ve also taken time to define and then undefined who I AM. I was talking with Spirit and then understood why for me right now, labels are just that, labels. I AM. Period. The reality is we have been everything. And now life is changing so fast, there is no sense in getting invested into an identity. If you’re on a spiritual journey, know that it will change and then change yet again. So it’s interesting to question one’s self and let go of so much to then long/strive for and cling to a new identity – this one just being more spiritual in nature. Really one is just doing what they did before.

I can say I am a mother, significant other, sister, lightworker, etc. I could and at times do list many of my aspects. Even after all the words/labels, it doesn’t completely explain who I am. My mind has found comfort in the written word and I try to offer my explanation as well. I mean how else are we going to find each other and figure all this out? I know, by energy but many of us are still awakening to our skills. We’re not quite at 100% telepathic 27/7 here.

I guess this has come to light for me because I see many longing to and/or aligning to their soul family. For me now, I keep thinking, which one?  It is a gift and privilege to do this. I’ve had these moments as well. I can remember disconnecting from the energy and being very homesick. In time, that faded. One’s energy will rise to know you are never alone.  You are everything.

So this writing also seems to tie into messages I’ve received about, what is my purpose? While I written on the topic a few different ways, here’s one post/perceptive/reminder.

So the simple answer, has been an answer I’ve known for a few years now. Even after all the new stuff I’ve learned and channeled. No matter what, I AM Love. No matter what, it’s also my purpose. It’s the answer to any question I have. Yes, there might be a lot of other words used or lengthy discussions but it still ends, regardless, with love.

So for me right now it’s more important to stay, be balanced. Feminine/masculine energy, activity/rest, human moments/spiritual being, etc.  I’m also realizing a decade ago, I hated alone time yet now I crave it. I no longer fear silence. I now often breathe in silence.  I live in peace with it.  Yet, it’s far from silent. It’s actually quite full and blissful.

If your on a spiritual journey, take some pressure of yourself/drop some weight.  Know that you are already who you are supposed to be and you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing in this moment.  Breathe in love, breathe out love.  Repeat.  You don’t have to strive to be or do anything.  You don’t have to find your family or return home.  Your already there.  You are everything and it’s in you and all around you.  Your already there…


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