12 chakras


Well, my sign for today seems to be honking horns. Hmm.

My message was: “Do you wish to continue?” I was held in an energy. I was not to give a quick answer. I thought, interesting and a bit surprising. Not what I expected to hear today. I can remember times when I wanted to give up on the, and my, spiritual journey yet was encouraged by Spirit to just give it a bit more time.

I then thought of this message I received months ago yet have now worded it a bit different: You came here to liberate, you.  Have you succeeded?  Or are you still trying to liberate others?  Can you decide to continue on for, you?  Not for what you will do for others?  For your joy.  If you don’t love yourself enough, enjoy yourself and your life enough, then there is no reason to.

Wow. For me, I am in a great place. I do feel liberated. I also wish to say that this has been an intense four years of soul searching, writing, purging and some real personal identity crisis moments. Not so pretty moments. So much healing and love though. I am at peace and feel free. Perfect?  Haha, nope and don’t want to be. I am… me. I am blessed to have had this awakening and been able to share as much as I have.

I like to keep spirituality simple. I believe in and often write on the seven chakras. I’ve known of higher/additional ones for years though. I received a message that my 12 were activated. Each one also holds 12 aspects which then equals 144 soul aspects. Over the years, I receive random messages about the 144 number yet not enough to write at great lengths on the topic. (There is much already online.)  I do remember years ago a message that I’d receive 144 “lessons” and gheez, yes, now that does feel true.  I remember thinking, oh I can knock that out in 144 days.  LMAO!

I was told: “How you use them is up to you. You are aligned up to the 12th dimension. As you wake up your aspects, more remembrance/gifts come.”  Now, here’s the interesting thing. This was nice to know yet it didn’t make me feel special or boastful. Like I’d forget if I wasn’t typing this up.  My answer would be that any connection to Spirit/Source/Universe is amazing.  Each is different not, better than.  I believe there are unlimited dimensions and that this is not a race.  Another might be dialed into the umpteenth dimension and not even know it.


I also want to add in a short message I received last night: “An alchemist puts forth no effort. An alchemist calls forth.” Ahh. “Help the evolving evolve.”

So then I think on this question they tossed my way today – Do I wish to continue?  Sure I could think on it. I know to instead just open my heart. Both the Universe and I already know the answer.  I do thank them for the opportunity and question – free will.

In JOY, light, love and service… I love you.  ♥

Haha… Spirit is in a joking mood.  “Are you satisfied with your awakening experience?  Please rate on a scale of …”  I’d give it 111 stars.  I do need to say, they’ve asked me this once before and my answer was, hell no.  I was in the thick of it and confused yet longing for more.  It’s a process!  Trust the process.

Pictures found online.  Unsure of original source for the 1st one.  Aqua Raman for the 2nd.

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