testing in progress

For those on a spiritual journey, moments will come where you feel the Universe is testing you.  At times it feels like a pop-quiz and other times like a final exam.  Rarely are they announced.  Remain calm.  Breathe.  This is just a test of the broadcast system.  While it might seem like an emergency… is it?  Both the Universe and you need to know your strengths (lessons learned) and areas that you still need more study on.


There’s no sense in having test anxiety.  Just do the best you can.  Really the grade doesn’t matter.  This Universe is assisting you in every area of your life.  For some, you might have several areas and, in time, each one will be addressed.  This can become a journey of getting to what is really important in one’s life; a core curriculum.

We can get so automatic in our thinking and response.  Be sure to use all of your skills.  Step back, meditate, look at the situation that has presented itself, differently.  How can you now transcend this experience for all?  Take it to a higher level?  At times you’ll see the illusion, why is came forward into your energy.  At times, it’s to release a fear.  Be sure to ask for Angelic assistance.  Flooding your brain with stress hormones is not going to help at this point.  You might need to do the opposite of what you’d normally do.

A trying moment can highlight an area that just needs your attention.  You might be asking for something in your Divine plan yet, it can’t come at this moment since you haven’t finished your homework in another.  At times, it’s a package deal.

Bless the unexpected and trying moments.  It is the Divine at work.  All for your benefit.

2 comments on “Test

  1. Yes, things sometimes do feel like a test. I think sometimes we perceive things as a test, when it is a lesson. There is no failing. There is no learning any less then you are supposed to (even if you slack off). After you stop perceiving spirit as testing you, things just are. They don’t need the brain to analyze them. Just be in the moment. Accepting the moment without worrying of tests at all. For there is no need to test you. The Universe already knows you through and through. It is just trying to gain your confidence. So that you stop testing it… I am not sure where this is coming from, feel free is dismiss it.

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