Ease and Grace

I’m in a new energy.  It’s very healing, supportive and wise.  Over the years, I’ve been in energy like this and it feels nice to reconnect.  Nothing else matters.  Nothing.  While it’s hard to explain, I do believe some will understand.

In some ways, I feel I have so much to type and relay yet… I’m at total peace and know what needs to get typed up, will.  There is no urgent or rush.

I’ve noticed for me when I sleep 5-7 hours, that seems to be for my human body.  The times I can get 8-11 hours, I awake and am truly, anew.  It seems as if veils have fallen and I know.  Questions I had are gone, things I’d thought on are either released or fortified as my truth, and there is an ease and grace in my movement.  How much can one grow overnight?  Let me remind you – A LOT!

I awoke this morning and immediately went outside to sit in nature.  I didn’t touch my laptop or even make coffee.  I used to think my overnight sleep was enough of a re-set but this is not always the case.  Often I spend several minutes awake in bed before I arise.  I’m open to guidance and this, too, can help.  Honestly most mornings I’m online before I’m online within myself and dialed into Mother Nature and the Universe.  It’s so easy to get shifted to another track when one is surrounded by others, to -do’s, etc.  Starting my day in nature with no distractions seemed to align me to a very high and pure vibration.  If you are reading this… your getting it, too 🙂

So for now I’ll just type up these words.  Love never dies.  It only transforms.  Open yourself up to a new love.  Like you have never before.  You have not felt this love here in this body… and you can.  Open my loves.  ♥

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