Walk your walk


I am still in awe, ease and grace mode. If this is what letting go and opening up (even more) will get you, I’ll take it. I do feel it has taken me years to get here.

I’m receiving lessons on manifesting and that it can’t be done in a time based reality since… time doesn’t exist. In this moment, it feels hard to explain yet it’s so simple. I was instructed to take myself out of time to manifest. No time = no waiting. Just be in the now. This is working with energy on the astral level and then calling it forth into your reality.

I’m now also realizing that struggle is self-inflicted. Okay… I’ve had plenty of struggle in my life. Most of us have. Now, many of us are being called into our greatness. The magic is when we finally let go of struggle. It feels like an epiphany that we can indeed do just that. You can’t make it go away yet, one day you wake up and realize you’ve been working on it for a while and it’s just no longer there. It’s no longer in your reality. It is a shift.  Also know that, we don’t settle.

Everything we want is on the other side of fear. It might be easy to say one holds no fear yet somewhere in you, it’s there. Fear of our greatness. It can be released by asking yourself, what is my greatest fear in this moment?  The answer (that comes out of your mouth, pushed up from your soul – not your mind) might actually surprise you. Write it down and there is a very good chance that it’s actually a lie your body has been holding on to. It’s been conditioned into you.

Time often also = fear.  Fearing that we have too much (and don’t know how to utilize it) or too little of it.

Big steps = big changes. Are you ready?  We currently are actually underestimate our vibration – big time. Open your eyes, mind and heart. Wider!  What is good for you, is good for the group that receives your vibration. Let go of your previous expectations, rules, limits, etc. When you are done thinking on and talking about… get ready to walk your walk. There is no reference point – this is your walk and it’s time.  Your experience and perspective matters.  What you came here to do actually has very little to do with what you have done or what most are currently doing.  We are the future shift in motion now.

A spiritual journey will ask you to accept and address your reality. Some will make peace and stop there. It can also walk you through transcending your reality. There is a better experience awaiting you but, you need to clear your issues (and this can actually be done quickly) and move forward. Holding a victim vibration = needy, a survivor vibration can be defensive, a bit aggressive/protective and/or have too much invested in the story. Neither of these vibrations work.  Yet please know that Spirit will work with you.  Everyone loves you.  A being is just that… being love, light, open, present and free.  Free yourself 🙂

Oh there is more but this is enough for now. In the past few days I’ve really realized, there will always be another message/step, etc. I appreciate each one and sharing as I go along. Thank you for reading and walking along with me.  Let’s walk, talk and be love.  ♥

2 comments on “Walk your walk

  1. 💗🌸🌺🌾🌷💐🌹🌼🌻
    Flowers for your path! May you
    Walk always in Love and Worry
    Little. Let the lesson always be
    Live in Joy, Peace and Love.
    No matter what you face.

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