Last call


Well, honestly it’s never the “last” but this general feeling of it’s time to, piss or get off the pot (lol) for lack of better words.  An interesting day for me. Easter yet… it didn’t feel like it. I also had this… feeling/change this past Christmas. Can I just say I was the iconic Christmas and Easter mom? While my boys are older, it’s not that. I’ve changed. Every day is Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter.

I had many dreams last night and remembered enough. It feels like it’s been a while since I dreamed. I often feel like I work or check in when I sleep. At times, I awake with a nugget that assists in guiding me. Last night, I was dreaming of places. Several months ago I realized I have many consistent places I visit in my dream state. A late 1800’s like waterfront main street. A social outdoor section of another place and I seem to know every step. I even shop when I sleep. Haha, not so much in my reality. I’ve identified at least three different shopping malls/centers and each one seems a bit similar to a place I’ve been in this life.

Interesting how I wrote on, tests a few days ago. I had, not a test, (believing in being a modern day alchemist) but an invitation and an initiation of a newer me. I thought of my writing in the past few week. My tag lines/posts, was my reminder. I thought to myself, practice what you preach. I was to… Just listen, Only love, Remember who you really are, Ease and grace and Walk your walk. I could also add a few other titles from the past like, Breathe and Stay Present. I also thought, stay in 5D verses 3D and, be the watcher. To some extent this was an illusion. It was about my vibration and how I perceived it. How could I liberate myself and others in what also could have been a tense or argumentive situation? I knew I walked in with 1000 angels. There was nothing to fear. My Guides were quiet because this was my lesson and I knew I had to do this 100% on my own. Welcome to Mastery, lol.

The next day I thought back on the situation. Did I understand?  Was any healing or clearing needed?  Then, out of all songs, I started to sing: Momma’s alright… we’re all just a little crazy.  I googled the lyrics to this Cheap Trick song and, it was the right song!  If nothing else… SURRENDER… but don’t give yourself away.

This was a personal resurrection moment yet I couldn’t see it in the moment.  Another was looking at me stating, I’d changed.  When was the old me coming back?  Patterns and parts of me have died and… they’re not coming back.  I used to be a tireless servant until, I had nothing left to give.  I’ve had to learn a new way, yet not all will appreciate it.  (Maybe in time.)

Also tying into the Easter theme, I received a message that paralleled a dark night of the soul to Jesus’s crucifixion.   Ascension is rising up out of suffering.

I was also thinking on how we all have bumps in life. And then there are the steep mountains and cliffs that one can fall off. What might seem like a bump to another can be a mountain to the one who is experiencing it. We each have our own lessons we came here to experience and… transcend. There is no time table. It can happen in a split second yet it might take the rest of your life. It might be easy to say, get over it but it takes however long it takes. Honor your journey.  Stand your ground/stay your course yet be open to your signs, guides and teachers.  Trust that you do know what you are doing.

Decades ago I came across a handout. It listed what was needed in a healthy relationship: Respect, Trust, Support, Honesty, Being Responsible and Fair.  Every now and then, I’d come back to this. The relationship that I was in… did it have these characteristics?  I thought of this again more recently and thought, even more important, can one give these gifts to themselves?  Respect, Trust, Support, Honesty, Being Responsible and Fair.  Is it the Army/Marines who believe in: Honor, Integrity, Courage and Service. And us human angels as well.

When I checked in on the collective energy, it seems a bit unstable. High yet…  As if many of us have been given a glimpse of our reality and the future. Which do we believe? While it’s never too late and this is not a rushed process… it feels like a last call. You don’t have to go home but you gotta leave here. Do you feel done (with the past)?  Ready to embrace the future?  Any last requests before the bar starts closing down?  The train leaves the station. The energy is moving.  All aboard!  We can stay stuck (or we might need more time to rest, heal, etc.) or we can move along.  You don’t have to know/understand/remember… I say if you feel ready enough, just GO!  Say, YES!



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