Shaking it up


I wrote a lovely post of gratitude yet basically saying that this blog had served its purpose.  After 15 months of pretty much non-stop blogging, I felt done/complete (in a good way) yet didn’t want to just, go silent.  I was at peace.  While this might seem sudden, I’ve been feeling a change coming.  In the evening, I said my thought out loud and to my surprise heard, “Hold on.”  Yet I felt certain.  But there must have been some fight/misunderstanding in me that became a long overnight discussion with the Universe. 

I’ve had this happen a few times over the years.  It’s like my very human-self reports in (all prepared and business like) and the Universe sets me straight.  I’m often surprised by their response and patience because no matter what I state (or excuse I give), they keep repeating back to me “the” plan – what I need to know.

I was told the blog, like myself, remains.  The blog, like myself, also transcends.  This was another infinity moment (will blog on this soon).  I awoke all out of sorts.  I couldn’t remember the rest but I must have been told much more that my human self didn’t agree with/believe… yet.  So my morning meditation did reset me and by the afternoon, I was back in a blissful energy.  I then realized, what I’ve been wondering about a week now – new energy/guides are available.  As it settles in, it’s often an awkward feeling in a human body.  The energy for me now is different than what I’ve received over the years.  It’s light, peppy and super hero like.  I’ll take it!  Over the years I’ve had religious figures, Goddess’s, wise teachers and dimensions just to name a few.   I also often have the walk in comedians and numerous other Spirits.   I’m grateful and blessed.

When I started this blog, I really didn’t have any expectations.  I didn’t know if I’d just post a few things… or end up taking it down… or…  Well, I fell in love with blogging.  I will say that often after I published a post, I felt like I wasn’t sure another would come.  Yet it did, again and again.  The global reach of this blog, I had no idea.  And the support and love… I certainly didn’t know.  Honored and blessed.  I’ve been feeling like my writing though has come full circle.  Honestly writing has saved my life.  There was all of this in me and it needed to come out.  It’s been my passion, purpose, therapy, cliff notes and giving back.

I did decide I’m going to take down the channeled messages tab/pages on the site.  It was nice to try for a year.  The pages got very little (to no) views since I couldn’t tag them.  So most of the pages I’ll turn into a (past) post.  Don’t worry – you didn’t miss anything.  I made no predictions; they were not time sensitive.  They are words of encouragement, offering a perspective and most of them are short 🙂  I’ve realized my channeling is not separate from me.  I am… me.  A human, a spirit and many, many soul aspects.

So here are a few (now archived) and I’ll work on the rest.  If you have time to read – they have no likes (love) yet, lol.  Well… I wrote them in love 🙂

November 2015 – Channeled Messages

October 2015 – Channeled Messages

September 2015 – Channeled Message

Thank you for reading and being a part of my journey.  I AM truly blessed.  As for what’s next… that’s the joy of the journey.  We’ll see as it unfolds.  There is so much we don’t realize yet.  Let’s discover together.  It’s time to shake things up.  ♥


Awesome black light photo by  John Poppleton

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