Infinity… and Beyond

Resistance is futile.  LOL.  So let’s continue. The Universe has been mirroring me with infinity signs (in the sky and as I walked).  They seem to be popping up everywhere for me.  I feel I’ve experienced again and again so many lessons and both extremes.  The ebb and flow or, it becomes this.  Graceful and in harmony.  There is a peace when one can just go with the flow.

When you talk about signs, after I wrote my last post I stepped outside to breathe.  It was late and very dark.  In the woods I could hear something scampering in the woods.  I could assume deer yet it sounded like many of them.  I couldn’t see what is was yet…  there was activity.  Symbolic – yes!

I feel as if the Universe has actually discussed several options with me.  I also feel as if the Universe has given me (my mind) more than I ever thought.  Yet this is just the beginning.  The Universe will expand you and then it’s your job to pull back in and see what settles where.  What do you now decide – free will.

The other day I drove across a bridge.  It was overcast yet there seemed to be these waves of sunlight.  Then I could see a rainbow on the bridge that flashed in between the section of light and dark.  I knew the Universe was with me.  This was my rainbow bridge.

I received a message for another.  I usually immediately share what I receive with that person; Spirit using me as the conduit.  This time I paused.  I could see that the message was really more for me.

The Universe asked me if I was done with my, nap.  I laughed.  The past several years?  “We give you every reason to quit or… succeed.”  Well, you know what I’m choosing.  For me this journey takes time.  It can’t be rushed.  There are also times when you are so in it, you seem to be like a young child that assumes it will always be like this.  One needs to remind themselves that change is constant.  The Universe has been preparing us.  We have been changing.  We’ve been dropping weight which = dropping wait.  We’ve been integrating our light frequency.  It feels like a thanksgiving turkey (it takes time) yet you’ll know when the timer pops.  Your light comes on.


If you still feel stuck – prison like, remember that you have the key around your neck; like a necklace.  Only you can set yourself free.

For some, suggestions (a next step) are coming.  For others – marching orders, lol.  Some have been assigned protégé’s 🙂  The messages I’ve been receiving discuss April as a time to listen and get strong.  In May the fun starts.  And for me a new theme seems to be, work.  The word has come up in songs and conversation so many times in the past few days.  Yet for me I know my work is a bit different.  Play… passion… purpose.  The words don’t matter, the vibration does.

Finally I encourage you to check your vibration.  Often we need to flip the vibration/relationship.  I think of this message I received when I was in a particular situation (you can fill in your own blank).

“You don’t need _____.   _____ needs you!”

Really, we are self-contained units. We don’t, need.  We do share, offer and be of service. What you seek is seeking you. 🙂


4 comments on “Infinity… and Beyond

  1. I like the infinity signs. Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    About the free will – I sometimes wonder that it seems to get less and less. Goodbye, free will; Divine guidance ahead.
    Peace and joy,

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    • Thank you Karin! I do understand – been there. For me several pushes from the Universe. Then free will ebbs and flows with the Divine Guidance. As some point, it becomes one 🙂 Peace and joy to you!

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