testing in progress

For those on a spiritual journey, moments will come where you feel the Universe is testing you.  At times it feels like a pop-quiz and other times like a final exam.  Rarely are they announced.  Remain calm.  Breathe.  This is just a test of the broadcast system.  While it might seem like an emergency… is it?  Both the Universe and you need to know your strengths (lessons learned) and areas that you still need more study on. Continue reading

Tandem writing – Who am I?


Often when I write, I’m in an energy. Just now though am I realizing there are many different ones. The serious, the playful, the blissful, etc. In the past few weeks, on occasion I feel as if I’m writing in synch with a brother/sister energy. It’s a really cool feeling so I thought I’d mention this. (Now if it would just assist me in my spelling, lol – tandom vs tandem.)  So let’s see how this writing comes together. Thank you for reading. Continue reading



I’m working on a project today. Honestly it only serves me yet, everyone. Everyone who I’ll come into contact with from this day forward. It’s rare but on occasion the Universe will encourage you to take a step back. In a spiritual quest where so much is written on evolving and ascending… this seems contra productive. Particularly when a momentum is felt or a new wave of energy is coming in, etc. We all just want to get to the next level. Yet we must honor our journey. Continue reading

Remember who you really are


Okay kiddoes… how’s everyone doing??  It went from warm, sunny and beautiful to cold and wet.  I think the next few days will be interesting energy wise.  I got the feeling the energy might knock your flip flops or socks off.  For many of us who feel these waves, we usually continue on with them.  These next few waves though might send us to bed.  Continue reading



For months now, a story has been coming together for me. It started by receiving a message that my logical mind would have said, ya right – you so crazy!  Yet, I wrote it down. I wasn’t sure if I believed in it or not. At times Spirit is like this. I was told, “You don’t have to believe.” So I occasionally wonder if not believing yet still being open to receiving is the way to be since really you’re not invested… yet. Often we want or need an answer and that very vibration then holds the answer away. That’s why meditation (and there are many forms) works. Getting out of your vibration and looking at the situation differently. Some experiences and lessons – the amnesia is set at 100%. Continue reading



In the past week, twice now there’s been a Van Gogh Starry Night as I’ve sat outside in the evening.  I went to look up this famous painting and discovered that Van Gogh did believe in an afterlife on stars and planets.  Right before I stepped outside, I heard a whisper to, just listen.  No thoughts or questions.  It wouldn’t take long for me to realize that my communication with Spirit is very much a discussion. Continue reading

Healing the Mother Wound


I’ve spent years discovering – which this alone was a first big step verses denying, ignoring or suppressing – then learning from and healing the mother wound. I’d have no idea. I’m not sure many are exempt. There are just so many ways it can happen. Many have written on the topic so I’m not going to elaborate much. You can seek and find what you need since this topic can mean different things. My writing is just a small piece; a spark. Usually it’s addressed to women only yet it can and does apply to men as well. Continue reading