A-ha = Hug


An a-ha is like a hug.  We wrap our loving arms around and embrace.  At times it’s a quickie yet other times, we hold on.  The person/situation/new insight we might not have been able to embrace before.  It’s no longer, scary.  We are ready and certain.  It is warm, inviting and needed.  Oh, it feels so good.  A revelation.  Epiphany.  Enlightenment.  The light has turned on.  A shift in perception.  Hugs to you! Continue reading

Does anyone know what’s going on?


Yes and… no.  For me, over a week ago everything slowed  w-a-y  down for several days.  It wasn’t a bad feeling, it’s just I felt it.  Then this past week has been a blur.  I awaken and then feel like it’s bedtime.  I’m doing, stuff yet…  So I asked for guidance.  Continue reading

Moment for Life

Oh where to start. Where has this week gone? This year. What? It’s almost May? Haha. I just came in from outside where it’s dense fog and lightening here.  No rain.  I can’t say I’ve ever seen this combination.  Interesting?  Yes!  If you follow my blog, I often wrote on fog a year ago.  Fog is to be enjoyed yet a sign to go slow and be vigilant.  Lightening… power.  With five planets in retrograde, wowzers!  And today was.

Spirit will raise you up so high you are certain you’ve been given wings. It will also humble your ass right down.  I was driving and this Nicki Minaj song came on the radio. Continue reading

FUN and Spirituality


Wow… I made a “proclamation” days ago and if I needed synchronicities/reminders, yesterday was full of them.  Many on this wave awoke through pain.  Many are still in struggle and pain.  It stops when it stops although, I encourage you to just shake yourself.  Snap out of the old and into the new you.  The new is awe some. Continue reading