Fear, shadow work and…

the REWARD!  As a child, we used to often do shadow work.  Yet… I can’t say as an adult many are as excited about embracing our shadow.


Even after all the discernment, purging and healing work I’ve done on myself… it continues.  I know this (will continue as needed till the day I pass along) yet, it still surprises me.  It has gotten easier though.  Twice now in the past week I’ve heard a question:

What is your worst fear (in the particular situation)?

I was able to name it.  Can I say that at times this alone take a bit of patience as you uncover and get to the real issue.  You’ll know when you get there.  You can feel it, the dis-ease, in your body.  It covered up by emotions and surface issues.  Then you might want to stop right there (since it does feel a bit uncomfortable) or not know how to release it. It can be done quickly yet if one is new to this type of self-work or the wound/impression is a bit deeper, it can take days. Honor your process.

It might seem big and scary yet the truth will set you free. You came here to clear karmic patterns and lessons and will only do so when you are strong enough.  The people/ situations that push you the most, actually love you the most. They’ll play their roles to a T.  They’ll be as big and scary as you make them.

If it’s dealing with a person or group, know that no one hates you.  Often it’s not even about you.  If you find that another is attacking you, see it as the wind.  Pushing your way (are their issues).  Let it roll over you.  It is not you.  Now, if a “leaf” or random piece of trash happens to stick and you decided to hold on to it…  The trash needs to be recycled and the leaf can be made into a beautiful craft project or released again into the wind.  🙂

If you know you have some healing to do, you can sit with it and just listen.  See what your soul pushes up.  A slow walk in nature can also help.  More often though it seems to pop out at the most random and inconvenient times.  Often an event will trigger the issue.  I always wondered why things came in three’s.  The vibration has been activated and plays out again and again until you evolve/resolve the situation.

If you choose to ignore it… it will probably come back at another time when you are either a bit stronger or even, much weaker.  Now you have no choice but to do the best you can.  This is where you build your foundation from.  This is actually a great and powerful moment.  You are stronger than you realize.

Your shadow is nothing to be afraid of.  It is your teacher.  Do not fear… yourself.  Turn on the light and you’ll see there is really nothing scary there.  Become one with your light – it’s your truth.  You came here to free yourself.  You are a sovereign being.  Namaste.

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