Well Zen…


The past few days have been interesting. One minute (which could be hours) I’m at such total peace. Then, I might be clearing an issue. Then, I just seemed to have a spiritual rant. Oh my. Honestly they don’t happen often yet when they do, I express that I’m ready to throw the towel in. I’ve had enough. Yet this time, it was different. I can’t go back and am so ready to move forward. I know that there is a Divine order and timing yet this human mind gets impatient. Well then… now what?

It’s interesting. I’ve been told things yet… not showing up, yet. We can’t place a due date on it, although we may try. This is also being mirrored to me since I’ve seen several examples of talk/intentions yet the action part is not taken. Can I just say that I love the love language of, Acts of Service.


I do know to…


Yes, I write this post more just to remind myself to breathe and laugh. To do what one loves. I also know to appreciate. This is just a moment. Even in these moments growth and inspiration comes. Maybe this is just a clearing for the collective frustration since I already feel better. I’m in a new moment. (If you’ve been feeling frustrated too, I let out a good scream for ya, haha.)

We need to give our self, self-care. Nurture. I was told that these next few activation will make things pretty clear. Who we are, what is best for us. If you’ve been in a fog, the sun is coming out. These past few years in my journey I’ve discovered so much in the simplicity of life. In being humble. I reconnected to my shaman and at times hippie roots. I seem to interact with Mother Nature on a daily basis. She is my teacher and reminder. Then it seemed to go galactic. Recently I was told many of us are holding a large amount of photonic light and to move ahead before this is ready/fully integrated would be foolish. Haha, April Fool’s Day!

As a new part of me woke up last night I heard, “When did you get complacent?” What?!  I thought I was to be in the moment and appreciate everything. I do. This is enough. Yet… Many of us are being called to remember our greatness and it has nothing to do with ego. It has everything to do with our truth and Divine plan. I heard, “There is a difference between humble and dumb.” I couldn’t stop laughing and got the point. We have work to do here. For me, this is knowing that I hold and recycle a certain type of light (truth) and love.

I asked why I wasn’t receiving messages on this or that particular thing. I did express gratitude for all that I do receive. I know that we each have a part. This is my piece/peace/perspective. This is what I contribute. So many things I’m on a need to know basis and I know that I’m to be grateful for that.

Get ready to be in receiving mode. Welcome your Zen to you. Open up. The entire Universe is conspiring on your behalf.  ♥

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