Getting to your soul blueprint


Initially I wanted to title this article, ascending in a human body yet I paused.  Years ago I found an article online that listed ascension symptoms.  For years it would be my favorite article because each time I came back to it, I could identify with a different item.  It gave my mind comfort and I’d continue on with my journey.  Now this feels like advanced ascending and I didn’t feel like I had a reference point.  

Over the years, I’ve had flu like symptoms and kundalini rising that’s happened at night. You’ll wake up thinking you’re in an oven or a pool – night sweats.  I’d drink what seemed like a pitcher of water and consider taking a cold shower. The daytime heat I’d wonder if it was perimenopause.  Who knows.  It just depends upon what you believe in.  These cellular upgrades for me can last for minutes to a day or two.  They rarely come with a warning but trust that the timing is perfect.  Each time they happen, I do honor them.  (The old me never took a nap and no matter how I felt, pushed ahead.)

I awoke this morning and felt like I was carrying an additional 100 pounds. Yikes!  I’m striving for a light body!  This is not on any list I’ve seen.  The last two nights I could feel the energy as I’ve slept yet no dreams or guidance.  So I tried to meditate.  No physical relief.  I checked in with my body – no message (foreign to my own body and mind what’s going on).  So I asked for guidance.  All I heard was, “core activation”.  I got the sense that I was anchoring a blueprint.  Like when your human mind is done with (pursuit of goal oriented) purpose, you move on to a new schematic.  One that’s been there yet buried/ignored/not the right time.  It involves new places, people and activities.  I’ve had to get several issues in my life all at the level of readiness and harmony to access this blueprint/higher plan.  I also seem to know that it means even more change and expansion.  🙂

Yet I still felt this… baby, lol.  So I then tried a walk in nature – no relief.  I tried to read and rest.  Nope.  Finally, I put myself back to bed.  I had crazy dreams and when I woke up all I wanted was ice cream – comfort.  I also had to pee!  This seems to happen whenever I drop a timeline(s).  Letting go, release, relief.

The first thing I read after waking from my mini comma/cocoon was from Lisa Brown.  Just a section here:

Deeply embedded within you are the SECRETS of all. As Ancients, Elders, Galactics, Shamans, LeMUrians, Atlanteans, Elementals, Star Beings, Angelics, HUman Crystal Skulls (and more)… You are the SEERS, the Sages, the Visionaries, the Oracles, the Creators, the Artists, the Scribes…. You are the Energy Workers from alternate dimensions (other times)…. You are the Keepers of the Light Codes, the Keepers of Light, you are the ONES that are here to bring HUmanity (and more) through…. Yet, you bring others through by BEing the Portal and Holder of Light, you do this by SHARING and opening up fully and transcending the old limiting beliefs you once held deep inside. You go inward to bring forth that which was hidden deep deep deep within.

So… I write and share my experience.  I’m open and letting this new energy integrate and teach me.  About a week ago, I had several moments where I could feel energy burp/bubble in me.  Strange, yes.  As if it was making room in my human body; shifting things around.

Yet I still felt… well, like my chakra’s were now rocks.  Yikes!  They were fine yesterday.  “Geodes is a better word.”  Oh!  I learned of geodes a year ago when I went to a small gem museum.  My older son cracked one opened.  They are each uniquely different inside and amazing beautiful.  Ah, now we’re getting to the crystal part.  And interesting they are often formed in volcanoes.  So I know to continue to pull in and see what’s on the inside.


During these upgrades, you will notice a jump in your perception.  You can see the illusion.  I’ve now been able to see certain patterns that somehow I didn’t see before.  You will not want to be a part of fake/drama or anything small.  Your greatness is stirring in you.  Do you hear/feel the call?

I do remember reading some time ago that we each hold a Divine blueprint and I was anxious to get to mine.  I seem to remember the article I read made it seem easy.    Like it would just come/be told to you in a meditation.  Haha – not the case for me.  Really though, I already knew the answer, I wrote it over six months ago.  This has also been a mining expedition.  Yet somewhere and somehow, I’ve also let go.  So maybe we don’t need to find it, it will find you.  When the time is right.  Often there are steps before; each step holds a purpose.  Trust the process.

So we’ll see what comes next.  It will be awesome.  It always is.  Thank you for reading.  ♥

4 comments on “Getting to your soul blueprint

  1. Bless you. I don’t know why my path lately seems easier. I’ve had my rough years and everything seems mild now. I still get tired. I think I chose to spread things out more. Good luck with your divine blueprint. Love.

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    • And I love it when you share/comment! My mind had a hard time describing all this. I don’t quite understand yet, that can change in a minute and words that have been used don’t quite describe. We are anchoring all this new energy/perspective. LOVE you!!

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