What was that all about?


I started my day in meditated.  I felt peace.  I didn’t receive any messages.  Often I don’t yet, I’m always open to guidance.  I was having a spring cleaning day both in and outside the house. It was a beautiful day.  I was also held in an in an energy for hours.  I was a bit surprised about the topic the Universe then started.  It was personal.  A future event? 

I was told quit a bit and trust me, the topic was the last thing on my mind.  Honestly, I’d rather talk about just about anything else yet, the energy held me to the topic.  I wondered if the veils were just very thin.  Was this situation going on in another timeline/ dimension?  Was I working through the issue in my current cellular form?  It did also feel like a healing.  A healing releases lower forms of you and gives you your power back.  I knew that if this event does come to fruition, I will indeed be different than if I’d been blindsided.

Know that if it deals with another, it might be a set point.  An important event that only that person can decided and trust me, they might not even know what they are going to decide until the very last second.  So it’s like a possibility and you are getting the energy/warning.

In my own journey, on occasion I’ve received a message that my mind would say didn’t come to fruition.  Yet our mind doesn’t understand the complexity of the Universe.  Just because it didn’t happen here, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen or even more important – didn’t serve a purpose.  Also, when this has happened I’ve looked back at what I did write down.  (The mind needing validation/proof/understanding.)  Each time though I could see  that my mind made an assumptions about some of the details in the message given.

As the day wound down,  I thought – weird.  Well… normal never did for much for me.  What was the energy and message really about?  Why discuss that topic, now?   Even though my mind doesn’t completely understand why, I know that I should remain open.  I think one of the lesson’s was, often one reacts to life.  One can also pause and take time to meditate/discern what is the best course and then one can act knowing.  I’ll be blessed to act in love, knowing my role if/when.

Thank you for reading.  Stay open my friends – it all serves a purpose.

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