Ascending or Light Body?


Simple answer:  It’s both. 

In my journey, when I dove into the deep end of the spiritual pool, I often thrashed about.  I’m not a good swimmer yet I love water.  Day after day, I showed up and jumped in.  I was also often exhausted by the end of the day.  I had to try/practice/work.  I knew no other way.  In time I’d learn.

For quite some time I felt the Divine/Spirit/Universe was coming to me from far above and away.  The traditional ascension symptoms (headaches, flu ish, heart expansions and ear ringing) would come and go.  Several months ago I felt both the incoming energy (often messages yet at times just blissful high’s) and energy in me waking up.  Now, the energy that is waking up in me feels… BIG   (yet I know to remain calm and carry on).

I didn’t even know of a light body (going from carbon based to crystalline) and waking up dormant dna until year or so ago.  I wasn’t even sure I believed in it but…

To me, a light body meant just that.  Letting go of the old stories, pain and fears and then being your truth – naturally glowing.  Ascending felt like the moment where one naturally takes a step up or picks a wave to ride yet then you quickly realize the step/wave is a bit larger than you thought.  It feels a bit awkward yet afterwards you have a smile on your face, a new found confidence and peace.

For me this has been a journey of merging my mind and then my heart with a higher power.  Then merging my human self with my higher self. Now it seems all of my body is merging with the Universe.  I tried to explain this to my significant other and (jokingly) he asked if I’d just vanishing one day.  At this time, I have no interest in levitating or bi-locating.

I believe one can be super spiritual yet never identify with ascension/ascending or building a light body.  For me the traditional word choice of ascending did come first yet at some point it mixes together.  As if one needs to clear/prep the body for the light body to come online.  It’s a dance of waking up, a-ha’s, receiving downloads, letting go, honoring and sharing your knowing’s, expanding and then feeling so human.  And then it starts again.

I’ve noticed there are times when Spirit is quieter as my human body goes through these integrations.  Like the messages I’d normally receive and the work that is going on in my energy are on different wavelengths.  Earlier on though I did receive more consistent explanations.  Probably because they knew I’d freak out without them.  More recently I feel like I’m to know better and trust the process.  I do.

The word torsion field has come up for me twice in a day (a synchronicity) so I thought I’d also pass this along.  I’ve never even heard of this word before.  Basically, a torsion is a spin field of energy that can carry information.


To me, I reflected on ascending being a personal and inward experience and then as one wakes up their light body, it becomes outward.

I thank you for reading.  I seemed to start several posts but this was the one I could completed.  Spirit has reminded me now twice – Your job is to build your light body.  Honor this.  It feels like this is what April is about and then May and this summer get fun/interesting/magical/busy 🙂


1/4/2017 UPdate:  Ha… it was nice to re-read this.  This was what 2016 was about for me.  For many a process that actually takes years verses a month.  I would go on to give updates and write several more articles on a lightbody yet this one is just as good as any of the others.  Here are two that may be of interest:



1st photo by  John Poppleton  ♥   2nd found online, Institute of HeartMath Research Center.

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  1. Torsion fields are very important David Wilcock renamed it the Source Field. In his book about the Source Field. He might be focused on the negative, but he teaches good science.

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