Sounds True


At times I find it interesting what comes into my energy.  It’s always a Divine interaction.  Yet, I’ll admit I had years of avoiding certain situations and then years of not seeing the real reason, why.

In one’s journey when you can stay present and embrace the moment, you will realize what a gift it is.  Precious, priceless and timeless.  Some time ago the Universe asked me what was my most amazing/important spiritual moment.  I responded… right now.  I was so in the moment, I didn’t even wish to reflect back.  I was extremely grateful.

At times I’m reminded of other’s beliefs.  I’m honored that they share and then often ask for my opinion.  Really that’s all that it is. My truth is my truth.  We each hold and find our own.  So I’ve noticed a theme that seems to pop up for me in my journey.  Questions about… dark forces.  At times it puzzles my mind since I’m an angelic, light and love being.  Really, I don’t do “dark” entities; I don’t see it as that.  Well, I can also add, I did/do my shadow work.

I do listen and remain open.  How can I assist?  We’ve been brought together for a reason.  I will say though that on occasion, I first have to pass a “test”/be scanned for lower attachments/placed in a psychic protective bubble.  In my journey I’ve read on most of this so I understand that it’s their way/comfort yet I’m beyond all of that now.  I know who I AM and that we are always protected.

I often feel that I’m just a reminder.  There is something that sounds true to them; somewhere it hits a cord.  We did come here to drop past experiences and timelines.  I’m honored knowing my role is just a sounding board and/or possible mirror.  I don’t need to react.  Honestly they have probably already had enough reaction.  Acceptance is needed.  So I breathe and calmly ask… do you really believe that?  You can imagine the response.  It does vary.  The point… or place I try to get them to is their heart center.  Not their mind.  Not from hearsay or fear.  To calm their vibration.  How can I help them find their truth?

The Universe will attract people/situations to you all for you to find your way.  Know that the Universe is about freedom and being unlimited.  If it sparks fear, control or difficulty, just pause.  Check in with your heart.  Slow everything down.  Fall into the arms of your guardian angels/team and breathe.  Feel your soul essence.  Then feel your way out.  What feels like your truth?  Then you move forward.  And… it will change yet again.  It’s a never ending journey of discovery.  I believe that it’s all true.  Somewhere, some place.  Yet here and now, we have nothing to fear.  The truth will set you free.  It will lead you home.

Stay true to your soul.  Light and love to you.  Signing on as an unsinkable Molly Brown.  ♥

Picture:  the sound vibration of, I LOVE YOU.  Try it as a chant or mantra.  This sounds true to me.

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