Finding your RAY


How is everybody doing?  I hardly slept last night – this energy.  I was tired yet…   I awoke and a storm was rolling through.  As I stood in my living room, this was my view from the front window and then I turned around and looked out the patio door to see this view.

Like day and night.  I chuckled.  How fitting.  Hello blue skies and bye bye dark clouds.  Things can change in a second.

The past few morning when I awake, I feel as if a kindergarten classroom is with me.  A lot of talking/excitement and I can’t understand what anyone is saying.  Usually I can grab a thread and follow it but I’ve just been letting it calm down and then it fades.  I know in time each will have a turn.  I started this post the other day so I thought I’d now pass it along.  Thanks for reading.  🙂

Since I was a teen, I’ve been addicted to the sun – I love summer.  As I grew into an adult I often wondered if I had, SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder.  I wasn’t as peppy, optimistic and free.  A few years ago I wanted to release this and for me it did take a few winters.  SAD taught me to pull in and hibernate – to discern and release.  This was the first winter I could confidently say, I no longer had it in my cells (a happy clap).

A few years ago the Universe showed me energy that before was unseen to me and how to read it.  I could see pulses, light codes and transmission and how it wove all the scenes as fabric.  I also learned how objects we take for granted (tree’s, pebbles, etc.) also held energy and messages.  I simple walk in the park became an adventure.  Often this energy came in on a ray of sunlight.

So more recently I was thinking on our inner sun – our heart.  An aura/energy pulses from it in each second.  Our connection to the sun/universe can increase this aura.  We each have our own unique ray.  By acknowledging and expanding it, more gifts come.  I also think it’s a gateway to manifesting via higher communication/realms.

I saw this pic and chuckled.  How are you connecting to what is there?  The ray of light that is beaming down on you, trying to get your attention?


Wishing you a blue skies kind of day and a ray of sunshine!

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