Oh Snap


Yes, I’m in a joking mode.  Gheez we take awakening/ascending/a spiritual journey so serious, like a good and loyal student.  It can definitely at times click us into our mind.  Yes, it is important, an honor and our birthright.  And we need to loosen up, too.  As time rolls on, I seem to notice certain patterns.  How my body responds to the incoming energy so I thought I’d share. 

I have a few days of energy moving in me.  It might be my heart expanding, feelings of bubbles moving up my body, muscle twinges or even what feels like a push on an organ.  Sound crazy/strange?   Welcome to light body activations and adventures.  Feelings like I’ve never had before awakening and that have no legitimate reason.  They will grab your attention and cause you to pause for a second yet, I know not to overthink them.  Then back to normal for awhile.  Then, physically heavy for days (particularly this last round).

Two things that haven’t happen for me in 18 months or so are:  At night I feel as if something is crawling on my skin, like a spider/bug yet that’s not the case.  And a spiritual headache (today) for lack of better words.  I used to get these often in the early awakening days and somehow knew messages were incoming.  Then I could feel them pause/settle in my body, move through my heart and then wrestle with my mind.  A few days later, sure enough – a clear and detailed message.  This process though faded for quite some time and the messages were rolling in.  So this must be a new level and the body is coming online with it.

The past few weeks, as I close my eyes to sleep, often a light show starts. Each night it seems to be different.  And static electricity – zapping every time I touch something metal and grounding doesn’t seem to help.

Remember to relax.  We take this too serious.  Have fun!  The human body is amazing and along with the Universe knows what to do 🙂  Trust your body and the process.  Each person is different and will experience their own way and I’m just sharing mine.  Snap, crackle and pop – this is fun, waking up (even more), remember?

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