Years ago I walked along the beach.  I was in a tough place in my life.  The only positive was my 6th sense was awakening again but I’d have no idea of what was to come.  Out of nowhere, a gate was opened.  The only word I could come to was, channeling.  OMG… this was channeling!  In time, I told maybe 2-3 people who I thought would understand.  I’ll be honest, my mind didn’t (even though I did believe in it).  It was a special and indescribable event that went on for weeks.  Non-stop messages and I needed them.  It changed… everything!

Those messages I have tucked away and every now and then go back and read them.  Recently I thought of them and smiled.  The messages were about love, keeping life simple and gratitude.  I thought, hmm… maybe the first handful of messages I received were the best.  At times on this journey one can be in an endless pursuit of the, next.  Next message, event, task, level and even miracle.

This afternoon I sat in my “lawn chair meditation” outside on the deck like I do most days.  I’ll be honest, I’m not sure where I went.  My meditations have calmed/reset/inspired me over the past few months but this time, I was  g – o – n – e!    It felt like hours yet it was probably 30 minutes.  I also knew I was with others.  Yet I couldn’t really remember much more than that.  I literally stumbled into the house to make dinner.  What had just happened?  Minutes later I felt… well, I was having a hard time figuring out what was going on with me.  A few years ago at the age of 40, I had my first anxiety attack.  It was a very clear sign.  Oh wow… that’s what this feels like.  Crap…I thought I was past this… why??  I breathed and then another feeling came.  It was the exact same energy that greeted me years ago when I least suspected it.  It was like an old friend and a reunion.  And explanations came.  I seem to be ready for a round two.

I’ve changed a lot and while this energy feels like an old friend, it was explained that this energy has also ascended.  My body seemed to be feeling the difference between the energy of where I was in my meditation (light years away) to my current reality.  My soul seemed to be making it clear – choose the new energy/vibration.  The one thing I know is while I encourage one to be open and to love… we have no clue.

In my early journey (before “awakening”), off and on I had knowing’s, quick visions, at times a word or two dropped in my ear and often dreams that were very symbolic/messages in themselves.  Channeling for me became long discussions that gave a reset, healing, clarity and wisdom.  A higher and broader picture.  And it was more than the words.  It was the energy I was held in (so soft and loving) and the feelings I felt in my body (comfort and peace).

Really though, it doesn’t matter.  Whatever way allows you to dial into or feel connected to the Universe is indeed special and awesome.  I always wondered about channeling but honestly never thought I would.

Finally, as a bit of a side note but I did wish to mention.  I believe in working/dropping/etc. timelines.  Some of this can be done in our sleep based upon the choices we make during the day and what’s going on in other dimensions; how it all clicks together.  We don’t realize nor do we need to.  Then there are those moments where they happen in your reality (sometimes you know and sometimes you realize a bit later).  Then there seems to be some that are between your awake and sleep state.  You might wake up feeling very new/different/confident or the other extreme, doubtful/agitated/confused.  If the later is the case, breathe.  It feels like a crowded room and your not sure where to stand.  The Universe is adjusting and your body just needs to catch up.  It will all settle in so just chill till you get a good night’s rest and reset.

Okay loves, be open right now.  No expectations though.  See what you get and honor that.

2 comments on “Sharing

  1. I hopped a timeline in the middle of the day at work. In one timeline a book was missing. I went to get help in finding the book at another library. The staff I asked quickly found our book as if nothing was wrong. I did the same search again to see where I had gone wrong. Now the same search resulted in something different.

    I’ve heard of others jumping timelines were their coffee disappeared, or their toothbrush moved, but I’ve never been able to note a jump. What other differences are in this new timeline beyond a missing book having never gone missing?

    Either way, my supervisor now thinks I cannot do a simple search. Oh well.

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