Call for…


Good morning LOVES and how are you?  Just a quick post to share a happy memory and reminder. 

When my boys were young, I didn’t use a cell phone much.  Back then for me it really was for emergency situations.  Often we were on a schedule yet running a bit late so I’d call out loud, “Wait… We’re on our way.”

This seemed to motivate them a bit and assisted in getting everyone focused and into the car.  No one likes to miss out on fun.  Often when we then met the other party, my boys would innocently ask, do you here the call (that we were on our way)?  Often my friends/family knew me well enough to play right along.

As I was playing in the wind yesterday, this memory came back to me.  I smiled.  The Universe was also pointing out that now was no different.  Call out to your team/soul family/angel.  So I did and then my ear started ringing.  Oh I love this.  Truly.  We are never alone.  We are connected.  It’s all energy.  Ask for what you need.  It might be personal or for world peace.  We are all one.

Picture:  Statue of an Angel with a cell phone, Cathedral in Holland.

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