Round and Round and…


On this journey, one will watch for signs, listen for whispers, note dreams, trust their gut… and often still feel like they don’t understand, completely.  Until…

In a moment I seem to realize, gheez, the Universe and I have gone round and round these past few years.  I’ve had this moments before.  Crystal clear clarity.  My head was not in a cloud or the sand.  Yet then the dance seemed to start all over again.  Each time the song/energy is mesmerizing and a bit different.  It seems to hold you in a vortex of energy and it stops when it stops.

I seem to know certain things yet then seem to forget – completely.  I was looking back at some of my earlier writing.  I was humbly wowing myself.  Ghee, I got it then.  So then what have these last nine months been about?  And why did we need to go over so much again?  And then I realized and knew.  It takes however long it takes.  We are alchemists.  We take our crap/drama/trauma/old stories/karma/density and turn it into… gold.  Our worst moments, biggest struggles (including awakening), toughest lessons become what we teach and we become grateful that they did happen.  And one can teach in many ways – just by being who you are, an example. So we have to go over it again and again in many different ways and levels until we give ourselves permission to stop, breathe and live in joy.  We know we now hold, gold.  So it can take months, years, even a lifetime.

I now know my home (channeling) frequency yet I don’t have a name for it.  I don’t even care to name it.  Over the years I’ve been blessed to receive a variety of messages/energy but this particular one – now that we’ve been reunited, just feels too good.  I’m also now realizing I’ve been out of it for too long yet, I’m seeing the pattern/progression (and will explain more).  No matter what the issue is, this energy works with me in remembrance.  It’s taken just two conversations and so much of the random from the past several months is now understood.  So I’m sharing how I understand it (my journey which really is, our journey) in this moment.

I’ve had a few dark nights of the soul and even what felt like a season.  Not fun.  Then in what seemed liked, out of the blue, I had a dark night that I’m grateful that I’m still here to mention.  I’ve written a post on the experience and will share soon.  Short version:  I died.  And I’ve spent the past nine months coming back and raising my energy.  This blog seems to document each and every step, before and after.

While I’ve been receiving messages, not like when this started for me several years ago.  I was told the original energy was wisdom teachings.  I had to relearn/remember so much.  Then I had to put it into action.  They I had to crash and burn and… what would I decide?  To give up?  To go back?  Nope.  I pushed forward and that’s when I started to build my light body  – unbeknownst to me.  For me it’s been a nine month process and for all I know will be for the rest of my life.

Each has their own unique experience.  My progression has been a very human life yet moments/reminders of the far greater, then a disconnect and powerful awakening, then a seeking/cocoon/dark night to then turning outward trying to find my place in life again.  I didn’t.  So another dark night/cocoon/seeking/purging/remembering stage yet this time a new plan was also emerging.  So could this cycle happen all over again – yes.  But I seem to know too much and don’t feel that path serves me.  The Universe will work with and on you until you are aligned.

I will also say this last round has been where the rubber meets the road.  We’ve become very honest where before it might have felt to raw/vulnerable.  It has served many purposes.  Many of us have been assigned to bring along a group in our awakening.

I also wanted to mention, how one builds a light body.  Well, there are many good and detailed posts already out there.  I seem to only know/remember a certain amount and I’m sure in time, more.  (Or gheez, just look back at earlier posts.)  For me it’s been about whatever arises, honor that.  Haha, sounds just like Matt Kahn’s book, Whatever Arises, Love That.  ♥  If you’re tired, you sleep.  If you feel stuck, you must find what is weighing you down and/or shake things up.  If it seems weird, haha, your probably on the right path.  The Guides you had will be quieter.  It seems to take a certain frequency to bring your light body online and the guides/teachers, etc. don’t interfere.  You are becoming you, a Master.  Now, can you self-sabotage in this step?  Yes.  For me, I had to be grateful for what I’d received and then work with that in my own way/expression.  Use what you got!  This is a journey of patience and trust.

So there is more… always… so on to writing the next post, lol.

It is good to be ALIVE!  HALLELUYAH… sing it Andy Grammer.

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