Being of service


This is a total body blast for many.  Months ago I could feel my brain changing and the energy working and at times both the high’s and brain fog.  The body blasts can manifest in different ways.  At times emotions pulse and get pushed up and out.  It does feel like a coming undone and for a second you might fell as if everything is falling apart yet know that it’s coming together. 

Also during these moments, you might notice that the veils are thin and you are actually feeling the (multidimensional) merge and change.

When your raise your energy, you are also raising up and releasing any issues that need to be cleared.  You can do it!  And I’m sure I’ve mentioned before but I often need to reminder, too – if you feel stuck, something is stuck.  Loosen up (laugh, dance, rest, cut yourself some slack) or figure it out and get it out (walk, write, volunteer, scream, cry).  We aint got time for, stuck.  Often being of service (volunteering) can not only show you how lucky you are, you are also guiding others in their journey and awakening.

There also seems to be a(nother) shift.  There have been a handful of important words/milestones in my spiritual journey.  I’ve read of them and even written on them – some recently.  The energy suggests that new teachings and parameters need to be planted.  It also seems to go hand in hand that everything is spiritual.  No trying to be spiritual/perfect/whatever role model teacher you’ve seen.  To enjoy being who you are.  That’s who’s needed.  There are so many ways and to date, a few roads/examples have been paved yet…  New ways to teach and serve are needed and coming – certificate not needed.  We just do what we’re good at.

A few months ago, I had a dream where I was told I was a Guardian of the Galaxy.  I didn’t know what this meant.  At the time, I hadn’t see the movie.  It did just happen (haha) to come on TV one day.  There is some info online about being a Guardian.  I did receive a bit of clarity:  Like an astronaut, assisting others to see from this view.  Now that I’d agree yet I was surprised they just didn’t say, angel (lol).

I also receive:  You are your own god/governor.  Always have been, always will.  Interesting and this does tie into often we need to give ourselves permission to be who we are (verses waiting).

Last thought:  There’s a difference between inspiring and assisting in solving problems.  While for some all it takes is to be inspired, for those who are knee or neck deep in life (and not in a good way), they need help problem solving.  The issue is, the one who is, in it is the only one who can solve their own issues.  So how can we help to empower and guide others to do just this.  We are not saving them since they are a powerful creator and can save themselves.  They need something different (a reminder) from inspiration.

Enjoy being in service and thank you for your service.  ♥

2 comments on “Being of service

  1. very interesting. I tend to vacillate between what is inspiring, how effective one person can be towards “helping” another, and just being who you are, and allowing others to come and watch and feel better. interesting stuff. thanks for making me think, this am. keep on allowing that flow of energy! momentummikey 🙂

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    • I love it when you stop by! And I agree. Just a perspective and there are so many – gheez. Really it all helps. Good to hear from you so thanks for commenting. Love your posts – keep writing! 🙂

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