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Over the past year, on occasion I see X’s in the sky and feel like the Universe is trying to get a message to me.  While some would say chem trails, this is not my hot button/mission.  What a signs means to you well, that is up to you to divine.  I often look to the sky and Mother Nature for signs and yesterday was another X day where normally the skies are pretty clear.

Then I chuckled to see two X’s in the yard and there was no reason/reflection off anything.  In the past, I wondered if it tied into generation x/wave x/5D.   Now I paused and told myself not to overthink.  The Universe is often just letting us know their with us.  Always.

I awoke this morning realizing sleep helps to clear the previous day.  I had no dream memory but my significant other said I was busy working somewhere, lol.  On the mornings where I can arise and immediately meditate in nature (no morning hustle, laptop, etc.),  it does seem to bump me up to a new energy/reality.  I’ve learned my mind can get spinning pretty quick if I let it, tying me into my reality.  Well, we are creating our reality in each moment.

The only message I received was, You take care of you and we’ll take care of the rest.  This made me smile.  There also seemed to be a small hint hint on the word, rest.  On this journey there are times to get busy and times to go slow.  There are also times to proceed with caution yet this is not how your mind normally reacts to this word.  Really there is no danger ahead.  All good stuff.

I thought of the X’s again.  It could just be a head’s up/sign that a crossing is coming.  A different energy/opportunity and it could be fast/what seems like out of nowhere.  Often one can get in an energy and stay in that lane and a quick pause and looking both ways is needed before we proceed on.  Yet as I ended my morning meditation I heard a power truck backing into the drive way.  He actually went out of his way to do this so I chuckled.  Just when you think the Universe isn’t providing you a sign/reminder, know that it is.  To know your power, one must back up/pull in.  I knew I’d needed to pull in more.  While one can meditate and feel as if this is enough, there are times to go even deeper into the unknown.  MUCH deeper.  One can get a bit complacent in their own practice.

So I pondered on this and heard, check status.  I then seemed to know that a lot was brought to our attention over the past several months.  Some idea seeds were also planted and we’ve been watering them in our dream state.  Hmm, where are some of those “orders” that we placed.  They can come to you sooner rather than later. Now might be a good time to track your order.  Where is it?  And do you need to do anything to receive it (probably not but…)?  Do you still even want it?

Today is 4/11… 411 if my angelic number for information.  So pull in, clear up your energy field and go deeper.  Remain open my loves so that you can allow things to become crystal clear.  Make time for you.  Marvelous you and the reality you are creating.  What you seek is seeking you.

8 comments on “Check Status

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  2. I work with runes a lot. When I see an x I think of the rune Gebo. It’s the rune of gifts, of giving and receiving, of getting out what you put into something. It’s also a rune of partnerships and love, too. But I like the ‘check status’ you wrote about! And the other 2 comments, too! 😀

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  3. Perhaps the X’s mean you are at not just a railroad crossing, but a path crossing. Crossroads are very symbolic, of choice that can change an entire life, and technically they are X’s if turned at an angle.

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