Inside Out in 5+D


Up, down, sideways, round and round.  What is this??  An amusement park or a spiritual awakening/ascending wave??  Yikes.  LOL.  Trying to keep this, LIGHT!  Just checking in to let you know I’m thinking of you.  ♥  ♥

One minute seems to be bliss, another down and out… and it’s only Tuesday… haha.  Know that whatever needs to come out, is coming out.  If you’ve been doing this journey for awhile it might trigger panic/memories of other rounds when it took longer.  These can be quick yet they still pack a punch.  This is not the 3D version of the movie either, this is merging 5D and even up to 12D for some.  Embrace them because you love yourself enough… because you do!

Be aware and make sure your not in a mind loop (low/negative/obsessive thoughts).  CLEAR!  They can sneak in.  Bless them on their way out.

If it involves another, take nothing personal.  We are each going through our own stuff right now.  This is so that the amazing unions that are coming can be a time of celebration since everyone has done their, work (cleaned up their mess/energy).  While some are in the trenches, know that this phase won’t last forever.

I also wish to say that their are glimpses.  Moments where all you can do is quiver and cry.  A feeling that will so reset you.  A force that will rip you wide open in the best kind of way. Leaving nothing but your heart exposed and beating like you’ve never heard it before.  You will know that life is simple, good and pure.  Tears will stream down your face.  Ahhh. 

Yet then… don’t be surprised if a few hours later… back to feeling too normal.  I’ve even had a few past-life issues come up and I thought I’d cleared all that years ago.  This seems to be another flush for some of the smaller stuff that got left behind.  Know that the worst is behind you.

So for now, cut yourself some slack.  BREATHE.  Go slow.  Say your favorite mantra or make a new one.  I think it’s time to go rent a comedy.  Much love to you.

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