Energy SURGE Proclamation


Well… after my peaceful morning meditation, messages started coming in and then that, too, faded.  Then this amazing energy. 

I went from singing, to dancing (the old me, like the minute before, was not a good dancer) and I found my grove.  Then I was shadow boxing in the house, lol!  I used to be a gym rat and loved the speed bag.  Not many women pick up this sport so I loved the challenge and finding a rhythm.  I haven’t touched it though in four years.

So Dayna, you were already a step ahead of me.  How do you work with this energy?  You work it out.  You express it.  You FEEL it.  Honor each step by doing what feels called for.  Grounded?  Nope. Don’t want to be.  It’s a wave and riding it till the end.

A month or so ago I thought of a handful of current spiritual teachers.  Gheez was I/does one strive to be like them?  For me, No!  I am me.  Not a guru or always in a meditative state yet… I AM.  You’ll follow in footsteps but there does come a time to blaze your own trail.  I also thought on how many write on dropping the lower body to ascend.  I think it’s more drop the crap (wounds, stories, old) and just come alive.  Working through the mire can take years/decades and is an important process (so I’m not making light, I mean I’ve written many serious, optimist or what some might consider out there articles).  It’s just, it can also feel really good to be in this body.  Your body.  Give yourself permission to COME ALIVE.  I can’t say my goal has ever been to be or reach a state of, “enlightened”.  Really those moments happen each and every day without the skies parting, rays descending and angels singing.

I wrote on being mindful a little while back and somehow when I hit publish, it got postdated.  I immediately laughed and saw the significance.  I’ve struggled with that word for a long time.  I don’t want to be MINDFUL… I want to be SPIRITFUL and in that there are moments to be mindful.

Weeks/months ago Spirit asked me to stop noting, time.  Ha!  I’ve found this nearly impossible.  I quantitate time, many times each time I write, lol.  We live in time with birthdates, scheduled meetings and mealtimes.  Despite not having a watch or many clocks, I still use and refer to time. I guess this is the point, to use it to our advantage.  Yet in the Spiritual world there is no time.  The spiritual “soon” could mean in the next clock time minute or 10 lifetimes from now.  Yet when one is eager, the soon word is no joking matter.  I personally haven’t always been the best with predicting, dates.  I can get a sense of time (weeks/years) and on occasion if it’s important I’ll get an exact date and/or time.  Yet they can be challenging to write on, especially when others follow along and hold out hope for these dates/times.  So I recommend loose thinking around dates and to know that every moment is important.  Every person’s process is unique.  You won’t miss out on a thing.

So if you’ve been trying, stop trying to be spiritual.  Be you.  Sing it James Bay.  That’s spiritual enough.

A new paradigm needs to (and is) come to spirituality.  EVERY f*#king thing is spiritual.  Haha, never done that before.  Felt good.  Might be more of that.  Very liberating.  This is not breaking bad, this is breaking freakin good.  Awe… and just yesterday I was playing with caterpillars, lol.  While many now are reuniting with their star families/new guides/higher self and trust me, I know the humbling power in these reunions and that, it will change your course.  I, though, am reuniting with my body and this planet in a new way.  One is not better than the other – just different.  Spirituality is a never ending variety.  Regardless, welcome home!  ♥

So want to join me?  Let’s lighten this up even more.  It doesn’t need to be so serious and at times painful.  Enough… damn it!  Let’s sign, dance, laugh, appreciate and celebrate.  That’s my proclamation.  I AM… bringing it.  Are you ready?  Let’s play.  It’s time to get this show on the road.

I love you and thank your for reading and being a part of my journey.


P.S.  I do have a few serious posts in drafts that might surface, soon.  The ebb and flow.  It’s all good.

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