I awoke, signing.  I also felt very normal.  Then I kept singing, song after song.  Who is this woman… I’ll take her!

I sat in meditation and was at total peace with this journey and within myself.  I thought of all the (spiritual) mountains I’ve climbed.  I realized with each peak one does pause and savor the view.  Yet then you have to descend back into a valley.  That part hasn’t always been as much fun. At times it’s cold and very dark.  Yet I thought of the mountain hikes I’ve taken in this life.  I can’t remember one where I complained.  Actually just about all of them I was still so high form the experience, I floated and giggled back down the mountain.  Plus, I had pictures to share.

My mother loved the Beatles and I always know when her energy is close, a Beatles song comes to mind.  Today, Yellow Submarine.  I chuckled.  Exactly.  This has been a wild voyage of going deep, very deep.  To a place not many go.  And when you come back to the top there is a decompression stage.  You know you are there, you can feel it. Trust me, you want out immediately yet for your own safety, you have to wait.  Your body has to catch up.  You have to decompress.  We do take for granted where we’ve been energy/experience wise.

Almost a year ago I moved.  I overthought yet also meditated quite a bit on the step.  Spirit repeatedly told me it didn’t matter but my mind struggled with this.  It did matter!  Now I understood why.  This has been a year where I needed to be, under.  I guess I thought I’d already had enough down time but you can’t place a deadline on this spiritual stuff.  This amazing process.

Last night the Universe mentioned our words are our legacy and how lucky are we that we are alive to see their impact.  I paused and thought of many in our history who did not have this fortune.  They were long gone before their work was recognized.  Take nothing for granted.

So from the depths we emerge!  And we have stories to tell and discoveries to share.  And as for May… well, you may/May/MAY (Yah!) be surprised in the best kind of way.  Wishing you many blessing my dear sweet soul!  ♥

The above picture for me is a perfect fit in this moment.  A starry night and a yellow submarine.  Picture found at:

4 comments on “Stabilization

  1. I recognized the yellow submarine the moment I saw the picture.
    I love this post, Molly. I go to those depths and heights too. Deep dark nights of the Soul as well as Peak Experiences . I love what you said, “We do take for granted where we’ve been energy/experience wise.” It is a wild ride, this life. Even the dark nights are so interesting!

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  2. Ahhh! Now I’m gonna be singing Yellow Submarine all day! lol My husband goes around singing that song until it drives me bat crazy. hahahaha

    Where do you live? It looks like the Appalachians. SO jealous!

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