A new elemental twist


I receive many energetic threads.  Not all do I understand but I note them and move on.  Just when an energy blast was done and I thought I was, clear… I then read an online article.  While not all of the article resonated, enough did.  I’ve received some of these exact words.  And ironically – not – I’d also received a “random” sign just hours before. 

A few years ago a wise women and teacher I’d sent an email to.  During that time in my journey, I’d reach out often.  Awakening felt urgent to me and I didn’t understand what was happening.  I’d contacted the local psychics I knew thinking they would guide me.  Instead they responded to me like I was into some really weird stuff.

Usually, when I reached out, I was ignored.  At times I was offered “services” yet I knew I didn’t need them.  I was to follow my own guidance.  This wise soul though offered to speak with me and at no expense.  I was very appreciative.  She recommended to me to pick an energy.  At the time and even till today, I’ve know I receive, many.  I’ve also enjoyed the variety.  I’ve thought of myself as a spiritual mutt of sorts, a unique crossbreed.

Yet in this moment it all caught up and for a second I thought, maybe I’ve received too much.  Ghee, which energy is the one to follow because for the first time, I’m seeing very different opportunities/paths where before it all just complimented each other.  I’ve been understanding about working in the multidimensional – often a simple action here has many implications, yet this seemed multidimensional x multidimensional.  Ahh… wait, here is my, X!  Where these two path cross.  I stand in the middle.  I AM… this.  Seriously the Universe is a better story teller, I’m just a scribe/messenger.

I seem to now know that these two different balls/paths of energy blend.  This is what all of the messages have been preparing me for.  I will also remain open for more remembrance; settle down and it will all be clear.  For me it’s not, either or… it’s both.  It’s also about balance, the ying and yang and the flow of the infinity sign.  We are many, many aspects.  The more you journey, the more you’ll remember.  I’ve dabbled in shaman, angelic, astral dimensions, etc.

I guess if I’d chosen to just stick with one Guide (and this too is awesome)… well, then I probably would have stopped to soon/taken a different track and would have no idea about all this cool stuff I’m now receiving.  Talk about being on the forefront.  In my journey I was clear, take me down the path where there is no or significantly less, struggle (knowing that Spirit is love and ease).  Be careful what you ask for because I then got a dump truck load of struggle to work through.  You got to do the work.  How you choose to do the work is up to you.

So for now I wish to site an older post  (more for me) where I was very discreet because my understanding was limited.  Now, this post is a call out to all elementals.  For me I received the word choice of, 5th element.  At the time, I chuckled and asked, like the movie?  Seriously??  It then synchronistically came on TV the next day – omg.  It seems to tie into anchoring 7-12D here and finding lost “treasure”/anchor points that we made a long time ago.  For me, this is an advanced class on energy work and I’ve been taking notes.  Ghee, I could make this stuff up!  When I started to receive this thread, it seemed, out there.  I’ve “worked” in the higher dimensions and wasn’t completely understand why boots on the ground were needed.  It ties into building your crystal light body 🙂  Your inner vibration matches certain sacred sites.  There are many and in time, need to come back online.  This is not a rushed process and will naturally unfold in it’s own divine way.  It’s not that one has to drop what they are doing and go.  You’ll know/be called.  Really, to some extent, many of us already do this.  We just end up certain places and leave our energy there.

I laugh.  All I wanted to do years ago was be a medium and then the past few years, teach.  We are being called to our greatness!  I also know that we came here to find and help remind each other so I place my piece/remembrance online.  So while this might seem random to you now… who knows it might come back around for you later 🙂  I’ll be here.  In love, light and service.  ♥  Thanks for reading.

Ohhh… another a-ha is coming on…


Additional reading:  http://keystoascension.com/holy-grail-vortex/




4 comments on “A new elemental twist

  1. Oh this is great! I remember when starting my journey how I felt called to all the things you mentioned and at the time I did feel as I was getting in touch with pieces of myself. Then I started drawing (which was never something I was good at) but I would get visions of BEings and feel compelled to draw them or I would feel this energy and pick up my pencils and the BEing would come through. I have always been in awe where this journey was leading me.

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  2. I will be waiting for your next post. I suggest you pick your resonating person spiritual vibration as you energy. That way, whatever way you feel it is okay. All you need to be is yourself to hold that energy.

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