Ascending by Association


Okay, I’m back from the land of breaking the mold, we got a better plan, lol.  As my significant other asked me about my day… haha… doesn’t he know this is often a loaded question?  He patiently listens yet this time…

I saw a reaction I’ve seen before.  The first time it happened though, I thought I literally bored him to sleep or he might have sudden onset narcolepsy.  He falls into an instant and deep sleep.  Now I use it as my energy and truth guide.  When I go deep, it seems to reach a place in him that sends him to lala land.  He’s gone.  (ghee, this might be a super power) He needs time to process what I’ve discovered and am now reminding him.

After his power nap, he mentioned to me that he’d been feeling flu’ish this week.  I smiled.  I’ve seen his changes over the years.  While different than mine, still profound.  I was talking with him about the ascension word yet I wasn’t sure that was the word I wished to use going forward.  He asked me to break it down, the ascension stuff.  The quick version since he had to work the next day, lol.  He’s been by my side with an open mind and interest.  So I said, when your done with your personality/mind/human only journey, your body starts a new process to open you up more to, all that is.  He smiled and then said, So what is this?  Ascension by Association.  Haha.  After all the energy I worked with yesterday I’m surprised the doors where still on the house.  He often anchors my energy yet doesn’t realize.

We proceeded to joke.  Wondering if this would be like an AA program… and I’d be his sponsor, we’d meet weekly and have each other on speed dial for those tough moments  in between. There’d  also be coffee and, thanks for sharing.  I told him it was better than guilty by association.  For those lightworkers/healers/ascending, we are putting off a high vibe and at times forget this.  It does affect all that are around us.  Our family, neighbors, co-workers and the people we casually pass.

Earlier in the week I tried to explain to him how we are each, our own Universe and what happens when Universe’s collide.  You should have seen his face.  Somebody come rescue him now and go play a round of golf.  Seriously though, he’s often surprises me.  We had a near fatal car crash a few years ago.  I asked him how did he know, to do what he did, to keep us alive.  The incident had me trembling/teary eyed for hours.  It was defensive/stunt car driving on steroids.  He told me he had seen it in detail in his dream the night before and when he saw the tractor trailer truck, exactly like in his dream (same color and details) he knew and was ready.  Wow.  He had hesitated and then tried to stall as we set out that day and I then understood why.  I guess in his divine plan he wanted a Nascar moment, lol.  It had tires exploding, rubber flying, smoke, swerving across the highway and we were in a rented convertible (which we’d never done), top down and I was clueless.

And there have been times where all it takes is one sentence and his wisdom shines.  I am blessed. Find someone, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day, to ride these waves with.  We are meant to find each other and we are better together.

As for me today, as I was riding the energy of yesterday I wondered for a second about the post energetic workout affects.  Years ago after a burst of higher energy, I’d crash.  And just like when you work out, you can over do it.  Rest and replenish.  Breathe, stretch, drink water, get your protein.  Then do it again.  🙂  We are building spiritual muscle now.  A boxer is often stripped down to nothing to then be built back up.  And if you’ve spent any time in the gym, you know there are all types.  There are the ones who loudly grunt, often flex in the mirror and slowly walk around strutting their physic.  Then there are also the ones who are just as powerful, if not more so, and you’d never even know they were there.  You get to decided which role you’d like to play.

I had a late night a-ha so on to writing that post.  Have an awesome day!   ♥   ♥   ♥


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