Surprise Me


Hello all.  How ya doing?  Just a quick checkin-in.  Today has seemed like 2-3 days in one.  Not in a bad way just very, l-o-n-g.  It also seems mysterious.  I chuckle.  I like mystery – it’s the Universe.  It’s the Universe letting one know they are working things out and they do like to surprise us. 

While I’ve started a few posts… just haven’t finished them.

The only oddity I’ve noticed and wished to share was three areas on my body where I had a past wound (a small burn, difficult acne and a boo-boo) all of a sudden resurfaced.  Strange, yup.  Our bodies are clearing.  So I thought of those incidents.  For me at this time I’m not to overthink on them.  In the past they actually held a story, lesson and healing.

So Universe I know your up to something.  Surprise me!  Surprise us… we are ready.  Love to all!

Past post on the topic of surprise 🙂

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